Humanity Restored

Life In A Metro City

The city known for a traffic jam is the spot for beggars or poor people at the traffic signal. Not all beggars are part of gangs or exploited by illegal groups. Some are old people who have no place to stay. Their poor financial wealth makes them ask for money on the streets.

Just like a normal day, the traffic signal showed stop sign for 15 minutes. The roads were broad. I was sitting in an auto-rickshaw. While waiting in there, I was just watching the people, the buildings, and the traffic.
I noticed an old lady wrapped in an old torn Saree. She had south Indian traditional attire. She was knocking windows of every vehicle, thereby, asking for money to have food. Many two wheelers and four wheelers avoided her.
She got disappointed and walked away from the road. She was going back somewhere on the side platform.
Within a moment, signal showed the start light. All the vehicles rushed to move on.
A man in a sedan car called a person on the bike. This man gave some cash to that person on a bike and pointed him to pass it to that lady.

While all the vehicles were rushing in a hurry, the lady was already walking in the opposite direction of vehicles on walking lane platform.
The man on the bike parked his bike beside, ran a bit and gave the amount to other man and asked him to give it to that lady.
This other man was sitting on the backseat of another bike.
This man got off and walked a short distance. He passed it to the man on the bicycle and told the same.
The bicycle man parked his cycle and ran towards the lady.
Finally, the lady received the cash.
She did not know who gave her originally. As all the people who helped her in the chain had already moved on in the traffic.
In the whole scenario, everyone struggled in the main traffic place to give the money to that lady. This proves happiness lies in giving. This proves humanity still exists. The rich or the middle class or the poor, everyone tried to help the old lady.

Here, is the best part. The three men who helped in passing on the money were one of those people who denied helping her earlier. Probably, they were also struggling with money or not financially wealthy. Giving away is not possible by everyone. But they made their action instantly right by passing the cash to the lady. I am glad that I could witness this beautiful moment while my auto-rickshaw got stuck in one side of the traffic lane.
One person’s helping gesture can change the surrounding people.

_______THE END_______

The Old Lady In A Small City
House photo by Thgusstavo Santana

One of the family goes often for the vacation. During their absence, an old lady comes to clean the front and back yard daily. She is the maid of the house. We often notice, maids don’t do their work well in presence of owners. But, this old lady is a trustworthy person. Her weight is visibly less than 40 kg and age is 65 plus. Be it any season, she never stops working. She will not have jackets or sweaters to keep her warm. She comes everyday morning and waters plants by lifting buckets of water. She checks all the plants in the garden neatly. Throws the plants that has got infected. She cleans the front yard and backyard by mopping and sweeping. She spends around 2 hours in keeping the whole house surrounding clean. She could have skipped this work when no one is around. But, she chooses to do it with all the interest and efforts.

People like her are the inspirations and motivators. They work hard and don’t depend on others. Whether or not anyone watches them, they continue to do their work. Being responsible is one thing, we all need to be.

When Maya meets Aruj
Sense of Humor


When Maya meets Aruj

Maya sits in the airport gate after finishing her second Coffee.  The flight is delayed by 2 hours. She feels there won’t be many passengers for this gate as the waiting passengers are quite less. There is a guy sitting next to next of her seat.  At the end of the row, an old beard man is reading a newspaper.

She moves her eyes here and there observing things while passing the time.
She sees a guy beside her is bending down and trying to tie the knot of shoelace often. As she observes more clearly, she realizes he has only one hand. He is unable to tie the knot with one hand.

Maya moves bit forward thinking to help him out. But, she sits back with the thought of maybe the guy won’t accept her help.  She understands that he must be knowing how to tie the knot with one hand but right now he is unable to do it. She is aware that not everyone likes to get help. Some may interpret it as sympathy. She waits for a minute.
She takes out a plucker from her bag which is kept on the next seat.


Maya: Excuse me!
Aruj: Yes.
Maya: Please do not take me in the wrong way but this plucker can be useful. (She tries to handover the plucker)
Aruj does not accept it.
Aruj: I did not get you. What do you mean?
Maya: I had been watching, you trying to tie the knot. I would have helped you out but you may not like it. So, here is a plucker. You can just hold the lace and put them inside the shoes from beside.
Aruj: hahaaa.. why would I put it inside? Shoelaces are supposed to be a knot. Yes, I can walk on these shoes without the knot but it would look clumsy.
Maya: Well, it won’t. You don’t have to follow the standard shoelace knot pattern.
j: But, everyone follows the same.
Maya: You don’t have to be like everyone. We don’t have to fit into something that is already standardized. We can be just the way we are comfortable in.

Aruj smiles and takes the plucker.
He uses it to put the lace inside the shoes and gives the plucker back to her.
Maya: You can keep it with you. See, it’s so simple. Why make it complicated right?

Both of them giggle.
When Aruj meets Maya, life becomes much simpler.

When Maya meets Aruj

Things To Remember:

# Not all people like to take help so always ask politely.
# Preferably, give them something to do it by themselves.
# No one needs to depend on someone for the manageable things unless it is necessary.


Short Tales
Sense of Humor


Short Tales

She did everything for them.She could not live for herself. They said,you are responsible for your own life
She did everything for them. She could not live for herself. They said,”You are responsible for your own life”
Finally, after marriage, he expressed his love to her. She lived unmarried.
Aur kuch nahi means either there is lot to tell or you are boring
Age does not matter. You can have fun anytime. The old lady regrets for not having fun in her twenties
Behavior is vital in a relationship. The rest does not matter. She was rejected because of her size.
All colors are beautiful. Black and white photos are classy. Irony, this thought did not apply for skin color.
The old business man tried to remember the best moments with his family  & friends. He found bulk of financial accounting registers and meeting schedule diaries.
Good morning. 
How are you?
Miss you.
Good night.
Hidden feelings made this simple conversation daily.
Spend time with people who really matter. He regrets today for not proposing her.
A child loved drawing birds and butterflies all the time. He wanted freedom from his parent's daily fights.
Potion or a complete poison. He got a day to spend with her and a lifelong to think about her.
Both were independent people. One could cook & do self-work , but did not have a job life. The other one could earn well but neither cooked nor did any self -work.

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Sense of Humor

Tik Tok Tik: Sense of Humor Vanishes

Sense of Humor Vanishes

Miss Tin is slim compared to normal weight. It is usual for her to be bullied by her own people or strangers for her size. She had been taking it lightly so much that sometimes she makes fun of herself too. But deep down in her mind, she had been feeling bad about her body. She has health issues and some other stress in life. Being thin was not her choice. She convinced herself that being thin due to health issues was okay because some people have thin body structure even though they are strong. Thin people often have to hear puns intended for them.


Go to kids shop to buy  your size clothes.“,

You will fly in the air.

“Are you on fast for years?”

“Do you eat air in meals?”
In the Summer holidays, Miss Tin accompanied by her group went for a Tour.
The journey to the mountains, trekking around the waterfalls, a long ride & the countless fun moments were adding to her good memories.
On one night, all of them were having dinner together. Funny conversations around went on which even included Miss Tin’s size.

Someone said,” Tin shall not have dinner, she can have water and her stomach will be full.”

As always, throughout the journey, they already passed many jokes on Tin. At some point, she lost her temper. She was almost about to blast her anger out. She controlled her anger by remembering that she has spent a good time with her friends and she doesn’t want to ruin it by showing her anger. She felt if she shows her anger and asks them not to continue such jokes on her; her friends might say,
This girl has lost her sense of humor.

While having dinner, she told everyone that she has got some game idea. She suggested that they all can play the game after dinner. Everyone agreed to it. All folks finished their dinner and went back to the spacious balcony of their room. It was a quiet night, a sky filled with stars, and cold weather. The view was beautifully surrounded by hills & other side downhill market sparkling light was photogenic. Few had taken their seat on the couches and some on the floor. By now, all were ready to begin the game while having drinks.

Miss Tin grabbed paper and pen. She started explaining the game to all.
Everyone thought maybe its a Pictionary game.
She said, “It is similar to the Pictionary game but little different. I am going to write or define someone’s personality and you have to guess that person. The same(answer) person is also in this room. So you have to guess which one suits the given personality. In case you fail to guess then I will be giving clues. Clues are easy enough to find the answer. Since the game seems to be very easy, to add up a little twist;  the whole team has to give only one answer.”
It sounded kind of boring game, yet all were curious to know what will be their description.

And the Game began!!!

Miss Tin showed her first paper/sheet.
The paper displayed,” Protecting nature. Very Caring and polite but also a funny Boy.”
The whole team started discussing, almost all of them had caring nature and are lively. It was not answerable. The only hint in question, “It’s a boy. “

There were 5 guys in the group and 3 of them almost matched up with a description. They asked for a clue.
Miss Tin put out clue paper. There was a picture of a boy having a beard & long hair, also excess hair on hands & legs. It had the caption as,
“Hairy-Hairy guy .”
The whole team turned to the guy who was very hairy and the guy himself burst out in a laugh. Someone also called him as,” Gorilla”.

The game continued:

This time Miss Tin displayed the description as,
“Adventurous, sometimes caring and lives life on his terms.”
Once again, the description did not give any right answer other than it’s another boy in the group.
Out of 5 boys, 3 were adventurous. As no one could answer it, the time for a clue.
Miss Tin showed the clue paper.
The paper was filled with black color & the title was,

“On the torch, Plz!!”

Almost everyone laughed at this clue because it has clearly shown, the guy with dark skin.

Next round:

Tin showed the description as, “Beautiful face, arrogant yet bold one.”
The clue had the drawing of a girl picture with a torn designed cloth and the label as torn clothes.
Boys laughed and looked at one girl. She was quiet. She felt bad.
They realized they should never label her as,

“Always wearing less or torn clothes.”

Time for the 4th round:

Tin displayed the paper with the description,
“Fat, Fatter, Fattest Girl”
Now that was something not good, all girls started pointing at each other. In that room, there were 3 fat girls but someone has got to be the fattest and it turned out to be embarrassing for girls.

Since only one answer is acceptable, it was time for a clue.
Tin drew the picture of a dress and wrote beside it as XXXL.
Now, the girls know who it is!

Another question was answered but the group started being quiet. They did not enjoy this game anymore. They realized Tin was trying to make some point.

No one could argue with Tin as they realized their way of making fun of her has crossed limits and it was high time to respect the way she is and not to make her feel shameless for her body size.

The game continued with signboards,
“Someone who still looks short”,
“Burp man”,
“Flirty guy”,
“Chatter box”,
“Gossip queen”,etc.
So, the night was filled with different games and all had fun.

The straight moral is:

We can make fun of people but it should be within a limit. Once in a while, body or person’s behavior joke is fine but passing humor all the time on someone can affect that person. Body shaming should not be encouraged every time. To add on, we don’t know the reason behind someone’s body. Maybe they are fighting with some illness. We don’t know about other’s life story so let’s not make them feel bad for their body appearance. Hanging around friends is obviously passing humor and sarcasm but we should be alert enough when it needs to be stopped. One can look at different features too and appreciate them the way they are! No one should feel ashamed for their body nor make someone else feel the same. 

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Hello everyone,
If you are my regular reader here and on other social networking sites, by now you must knowing I write short stories and tiny tales. This time I am sharing a piece with you wherein I am not conveying a single message. I would like to hear your interpretation of this story. It can be a funny or sad perception. Shoot out your supposition in the comment box. Comments will be visible after certain hours.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. But, I smiled.


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