Bitter Truth

Bitter truth


Finding Someone

Happiness is finding someone who sees the world through my lense.


It does not take much time to be no one from something big

12 Funny Quotes

I love reading quotes. Sometimes I just take the meaning in other way..

Reading funny quotes is a change for the mind.

12 Funny Quotes

Before you judge a man,walk in his shoes


I am the driver of my own destiny.png


Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe..png


The time will never be just right..png



The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but felt with the heart..png


Never stop dreaming..png


netflix and chill.png


Forever Single!


If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.


Tomorrow never comes.png
Original photo capture Lina Kivaka. Edits : Shubh


Everything happens for a reason..png


Life is short.

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Find a reason to live


“Find a reason to live.
When you don’t have any reason to live,
don’t use the same reason for death.”

Depressions, trauma events, unfortunate life, and a life with no purpose are the reason that force people to choose suicide or hurt themselves in some way. When you are at your wit’s end , just take a break for a while.

We need to accept the fact that life will never stop teaching us a lesson. It is always a process of learning the life itself or any specific subject. I won’t deny the truth that sometimes life bites us so hardly that no positive quotes or vibes work out. I am not going to write in this post, what are the things you can do to overcome depression. I  have already written about this in other articles on the same site. I can completely understand going through suicidal thoughts is not easy. It does not mean you are a weak person. All I want to say is “You have my empathy.”  By being the part of the life’s rich pageant, you are already a winner.

Remember, you guys are strong and maybe most of you hold the life journeys that no one knows about. No one can walk on your path as bravely as you did. I know there is this void feeling and no room for happiness. Many of you may chase for happiness but may not find it easily. If we could come so far with our super powers then let’s not end it in a bitter way.

Let’s endure the challenging paths for us.

I have helped many people going through suicidal thought and attempt , which has made me write this short post.

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Who won’t succeed in life?


Who won't succeed in life_.png

There are success stories of how people fought with obstacles and achieved goals in their life. We hear all the failure stories having a
 happy successful ending. But, do you think everyone achieves success after all the hard work is paid off? Let’s go through the series of events that blocks one from being successful.

Unsuccessful People:

–>> There are people who are irresponsible because of their personality.

–>> We can see many people are unable to follow the right track because of no guidance.

–>>Some people are unfortunate, they work hard to be something but fate is not with them. There is always this bad luck that does not let them be successful. They may get successful after decades, but there is a very sheer chance for it.

–>>There are a set of people who fight against obstructions, but sometimes the obstacles win over.

Being successful is not just a financial thing. Success can be any small or huge goal irrespective of financial status. It is more about creating own identity. It can be even related to achieving a certain task. Most of the time, lack of resources and lack of support may lead to an unsuccessful story.

“Is it necessary to fail to be a successful person?”

Who won't succeed in life_ (1).png

There is no compulsion for one to be a failure in order to become a successful person. In this biased world, it is possible to see the successful leaders without any hurdles. Some fellows succeed through corruption methods. 

The success of any goal depends upon the field itself. Some may have to invest immense time, great efforts, required skills, maybe a huge sum of money, and the rest of the needed factors. Whereas some streams may not require much investment. Moreover, almost every project needs to go through trials during the process itself which can be counted as a failure too.

Perhaps, as long as the resources are available with the right skills, it is possible to reach the success point at the earliest. Everyone has a different time zone and differently laid out life plans. Few fail 100s of times to achieve one goal. The number of people successful through the failure stories is always spread out for the purpose of inspiration whereas some stories remain untold.

Who won't succeed in life_ (3).png

Like-Minded Success
What type of mindsets prevents happiness and success?




Like-Minded Success

Photo @rawpexel Edit Shubh

I had been always looking for someone with a like-minded person. Fortunately or unfortunately, I haven’t met anyone yet who would be of a type when I will say, “This is it”. 

One thing I learned, we can be different from our circle. Most of the time, we look for someone from the surrounding circle. But, the real need lies in the other corner of the world. We have to search in the right direction for what we need. It’s only then, we find what we want. It’s the right place for us to showcase our skills wherein it will receive the real value. It will help us improve ourselves, or say sharpen our skills.

We may expect own people to be there for us in some or other way. Very few are able to get their expected support in the way they want. Don’t be forlorn. Take a break and think again. Yes, we reach the stages that leave us high and dry. Even though you feel it is the end from all squares, then draw some other shape to your life. 

It is only possible to achieve something in a group when equal efforts are invested. It should not be only the leader’s dream. It can’t be just someone’s dream. It’s a dream which does not let anyone sleep. It pushes you hard to work, work and work. There are wide bursting ideas around your mind. You can’t think of something else other than the thing you want to make it happen. You struggle and just take every risk that brings you closer to the goal you see.

Once you embark, you can’t think of dropping it off in any circumstances. You hone different skills and polish it until it holds the pure originality that no one else can ever re-create it.

There are hurdles which make you doubt your decisions to proceed, but not all days can be good. We have to take in the bad days and keep going on our journey. When we set a goal, we can’t just sit and watch something to happen. We can’t just do very little work and believe it will happen. It’s a responsibility, rather a common sense to get down to the nitty-gritty of the present plans and future expected achievements. You should know that you need to be always prepared to take up the helm.

There comes a time, you feel like, ‘ Okay, everything is hunky-dory.’, but you don’t know what’s gonna happen next! Probably, you land up in an unexpected mess. Going through such a hotchpotch event gives you the experience and that’s how you make peace with yourself and the work you do. No matter what goes wrong or right, you will have the confidence that you will make it through with the right proficiency. Yes, you will!




The manifesting moment, when you take a circular leap or just one flip leap into the deep sea, you will love drowning into the art of your favorite work and swimming through every lap to reach a phenomenal destined island. That’s how you will know, you have created your own successful world.

To wrap up my thoughts, I have jotted down below some of the internet searched quotes/images and some written by me. All the best for your journey 🙂



What type of mindsets prevents happiness and success?
Who won’t succeed in life?


Whatever Happens to you, defines you??

I read this quote,
Do not let whatever happens to you, define you.
Whatever Happens To You, Defines You__.png

In my opinion,  this is utterly unprincipled thinking. Because in reality, We are: Whatever happens to us. The way our people bring us up can play a role in molding us. Things that happen to us and how we react , changes us.

In the path of life, we face challenges. We response to the events through our emotions. We experience physical injuries. We are affected mentally through certain events. The consequence changes us into a different person. Our personality is different and we as a person change every few months. Hence, the way we define ourselves also changes.

If we don’t talk about the things that happen to us, then we will only talk about hobbies or movies, etc. It will leave us talking about general topics with everyone. In another way, we will end up hiding our emotions. When we are in dire straits, no one will notice it. Maybe if we don’t share our emotions, it will not be easy for anyone to trust us. The relationships won’t be transparent.

Scenario 1:

If someone has been attacked in the past physically and is injured viciously, then it’s possible that the person is prone to disability. Not all physically normal people and not all physically disabled people can do challenging tasks. A person may have to tell why he or she can’t do it. Ultimately, that becomes part of  definition of  the person along with the behavior of the person.  It is okay to define ourselves based on the incidences we had been through. Because those are the things that shows we survived. Those things define how strong we are.

Scenario 2:

An individual is strong for the whole life. He/she consistently goes through unexpected tragedies. Sooner or later, he/she may become weak. Will we call them weak person? We should not forget the times they were strong. On another hand, if we don’t know someone very well then we should give them a chance to speak about the times they had been brave.

Scenario 3:

Someone who has not been taught responsibilities may not be able to adjust alone anywhere. As the times passes, they learn through experiences. They are weak before but turn stronger later.

Scenario 4:

When someone is put into the situation which seems to be impossible for everyone, he/she changes it. They cannot do anything about present situations so they create something new. When we are surrounded with all the unsolvable negative situations , we can create some new positive moment.

All of us react to situations differently. All of us will perceive the situations differently. But, this differentiation is what let us: Define Us.



What is your opinion? What will you choose to define yourself?


When it comes to work, what kind of person are you?
What arrange marriage is holding for you in the Box ???

You Are Important !

Daisy Photo by Chris Gonzalez

Amidst taking care of everyone, we may forget to take care of  ourselves. Whilst taking care of family members -be it spouse and kids or parents and siblings, one should not forget to find time for self-care. 

Diet + Exercise + Sleep

Diet and Exercise goes hand in hand. Maintaining both at a time helps to build a strong physical and mental health. Don”t skip meals and don’t overeat. Tracking weight along with vitamin sufficiency balance the lifestyle. Overall managing these things requires a sufficient sleep hours. Without sleep, hormonal imbalance will affect your health goals. This trio combination enhances your performance and energy levels. 


We need to develop our personality in terms of self-esteem, self-confidence, and positive attitude. Beauty does not mean using make up products. Beauty Care implies maintaining your skin and hair quality through natural methods. If someone likes to do make up , then there is nothing wrong in it. Self-pampering is must. The habit of body massage at home, strengthens the muscles and nerves. Whenever possible visiting hair spa and body spa centers helps the person to detoxify stress. 

Keep your roles limited

With or without choice, being tangled upon managing all the responsibilities, results in chaos of health issues. Limit your roles in everyone’s life. Take out time to do something to keep yourself self-satisfied. Do not try to be part of every drama that happens in and around you. Let go of the things that bother you. Do not put all your efforts into something that is unsolvable and affecting for you. 


Age is not just a number

When you realize you are aging faster than your actual age,  it will not be easy to recover back. Each age requires a proper diet and exercise according to age. Failing to manage it , affects the body in a long term. People who look good even at older age are the ones who have taken good care of themselves. The first key to keep yourself fresh always is , “Stay Happy.” By following above three points, it is simple to stay healthy throughout life. 

There is a saying, you cannot love others if you don’t love yourself first.
I don’t know how true is that!
But, I am pretty sure, ‘You cannot take care of others if you fail to take care of yourself.’

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