Like-Minded Success

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I had been always looking for someone with a like-minded person. Fortunately or unfortunately, I haven’t met anyone yet who would be of a type when I will say, “This is it”. 

One thing I learned, we can be different from our circle. Most of the time, we look for someone from the surrounding circle. But, the real need lies in the other corner of the world. We have to search in the right direction for what we need. It’s only then, we find what we want. It’s the right place for us to showcase our skills wherein it will receive the real value. It will help us improve ourselves, or say sharpen our skills.

We may expect own people to be there for us in some or other way. Very few are able to get their expected support in the way they want. Don’t be forlorn. Take a break and think again. Yes, we reach the stages that leave us high and dry. Even though you feel it is the end from all squares, then draw some other shape to your life. 

It is only possible to achieve something in a group when equal efforts are invested. It should not be only the leader’s dream. It can’t be just someone’s dream. It’s a dream which does not let anyone sleep. It pushes you hard to work, work and work. There are wide bursting ideas around your mind. You can’t think of something else other than the thing you want to make it happen. You struggle and just take every risk that brings you closer to the goal you see.

Once you embark, you can’t think of dropping it off in any circumstances. You hone different skills and polish it until it holds the pure originality that no one else can ever re-create it.

There are hurdles which make you doubt your decisions to proceed, but not all days can be good. We have to take in the bad days and keep going on our journey. When we set a goal, we can’t just sit and watch something to happen. We can’t just do very little work and believe it will happen. It’s a responsibility, rather a common sense to get down to the nitty-gritty of the present plans and future expected achievements. You should know that you need to be always prepared to take up the helm.

There comes a time, you feel like, ‘ Okay, everything is hunky-dory.’, but you don’t know what’s gonna happen next! Probably, you land up in an unexpected mess. Going through such a hotchpotch event gives you the experience and that’s how you make peace with yourself and the work you do. No matter what goes wrong or right, you will have the confidence that you will make it through with the right proficiency. Yes, you will!




The manifesting moment, when you take a circular leap or just one flip leap into the deep sea, you will love drowning into the art of your favorite work and swimming through every lap to reach a phenomenal destined island. That’s how you will know, you have created your own successful world.

To wrap up my thoughts, I have jotted down below some of the internet searched quotes/images and some written by me. All the best for your journey 🙂



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Whatever Happens to you, defines you??

I read this quote,
Do not let whatever happens to you, define you.
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In my opinion,  this is utterly unprincipled thinking. Because in reality, We are: Whatever happens to us. The way our people bring us up can play a role in molding us. Things that happen to us and how we react , changes us.

In the path of life, we face challenges. We response to the events through our emotions. We experience physical injuries. We are affected mentally through certain events. The consequence changes us into a different person. Our personality is different and we as a person change every few months. Hence, the way we define ourselves also changes.

If we don’t talk about the things that happen to us, then we will only talk about hobbies or movies, etc. It will leave us talking about general topics with everyone. In another way, we will end up hiding our emotions. When we are in dire straits, no one will notice it. Maybe if we don’t share our emotions, it will not be easy for anyone to trust us. The relationships won’t be transparent.

Scenario 1:

If someone has been attacked in the past physically and is injured viciously, then it’s possible that the person is prone to disability. Not all physically normal people and not all physically disabled people can do challenging tasks. A person may have to tell why he or she can’t do it. Ultimately, that becomes part of  definition of  the person along with the behavior of the person.  It is okay to define ourselves based on the incidences we had been through. Because those are the things that shows we survived. Those things define how strong we are.

Scenario 2:

An individual is strong for the whole life. He/she consistently goes through unexpected tragedies. Sooner or later, he/she may become weak. Will we call them weak person? We should not forget the times they were strong. On another hand, if we don’t know someone very well then we should give them a chance to speak about the times they had been brave.

Scenario 3:

Someone who has not been taught responsibilities may not be able to adjust alone anywhere. As the times passes, they learn through experiences. They are weak before but turn stronger later.

Scenario 4:

When someone is put into the situation which seems to be impossible for everyone, he/she changes it. They cannot do anything about present situations so they create something new. When we are surrounded with all the unsolvable negative situations , we can create some new positive moment.

All of us react to situations differently. All of us will perceive the situations differently. But, this differentiation is what let us: Define Us.



What is your opinion? What will you choose to define yourself?


When it comes to work, what kind of person are you?
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You Are Important !

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Amidst taking care of everyone, we may forget to take care of  ourselves. Whilst taking care of family members -be it spouse and kids or parents and siblings, one should not forget to find time for self-care. 

Diet + Exercise + Sleep

Diet and Exercise goes hand in hand. Maintaining both at a time helps to build a strong physical and mental health. Don”t skip meals and don’t overeat. Tracking weight along with vitamin sufficiency balance the lifestyle. Overall managing these things requires a sufficient sleep hours. Without sleep, hormonal imbalance will affect your health goals. This trio combination enhances your performance and energy levels. 


We need to develop our personality in terms of self-esteem, self-confidence, and positive attitude. Beauty does not mean using make up products. Beauty Care implies maintaining your skin and hair quality through natural methods. If someone likes to do make up , then there is nothing wrong in it. Self-pampering is must. The habit of body massage at home, strengthens the muscles and nerves. Whenever possible visiting hair spa and body spa centers helps the person to detoxify stress. 

Keep your roles limited

With or without choice, being tangled upon managing all the responsibilities, results in chaos of health issues. Limit your roles in everyone’s life. Take out time to do something to keep yourself self-satisfied. Do not try to be part of every drama that happens in and around you. Let go of the things that bother you. Do not put all your efforts into something that is unsolvable and affecting for you. 


Age is not just a number

When you realize you are aging faster than your actual age,  it will not be easy to recover back. Each age requires a proper diet and exercise according to age. Failing to manage it , affects the body in a long term. People who look good even at older age are the ones who have taken good care of themselves. The first key to keep yourself fresh always is , “Stay Happy.” By following above three points, it is simple to stay healthy throughout life. 

There is a saying, you cannot love others if you don’t love yourself first.
I don’t know how true is that!
But, I am pretty sure, ‘You cannot take care of others if you fail to take care of yourself.’

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Stop Bullying !

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Bullying has taken away many lives and the ones who survive live with it’s memories daily. Whether bullying happens in childhood or adulthood, it’s hard to wash away such memories.

A person can move on and live a normal life but the past images & bullied words keep popping in mind at any time. The subconscious stores this unwanted memory affecting the person’s mental health. It is not easy to live with this trauma. We have mental health centers which will help us to wipe off these unwanted memories. We can notice an awareness program are being set up in many countries. Even though we have help centers, life does not get easy for everyone. We need to Stop Bullying as a first step to end this cruelty. 

Whether it is for a child, adult, or animals, bullying should be prohibited everywhere and for everyone in the world. Bullying is not only experienced by the weaker ones, even stronger ones face it. Imperfection does not invite bullies to one. It does not matter how Good Or Strong Or Perfect You Are, there is someone jealous at you which makes them bring you down.

Some of the research studies result depicts,  people who bully others are actually going through or seeing bad things at home or other surrounding places. The truth is whatever the reason might be, people need to observe such bulliers/bullies and teach them the right lessons on the right time. We can teach them lessons in a polite manner. We need to be politer at first conversation, because these bulliers/bullies have the behavior of going against you. 

According to psychology, the one who bullies is already exposed to these type of acts. They learn these things from the family or other group of friends. Sometimes the bad attitude can change them into this evil personality. For this reason, parents and care-takers need to track the attitude of children. Parents should avoid fighting in front of kids. A dominating parent will have wrong impressions on the kid’s mental development. The victim and the bullier/bullies both require mental health assistance. 

Basically, there are four categories of Bullying :

  • Verbal Bullying

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This involves making fun of a person name or calling the person with different disrespect words. Threatening, nasty or hurtful comments, racial slurs and rude remarks passed on the person. To other people, Verbal bullying may sound easy to forget by the victim but it is not. It impacts on victim’s life. An individual begins believing that he/she is worthless. They lose the self-confidence which affects their student and career life. Some sensitive students will live in the fear throughout life. There is a probability to develop anxiety at an early age. 

  • Social Bullying

emo bul.jpg
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Spreading rumors or gossiping are one of the worse things that happen at student life. This can happen with anyone at any age in any surrounding. The behavior of leaving a person out during the group fun time or ignoring often can affect person’s emotions. When the person’s reputation is diminished, it is difficult to come out of home everyday. There is a fear that everyone will continue to look at an individual in a negative response. It is possible for this person to lose friends , when the friends believe the rumors. The person can feel badly betrayed, when he/she finds out that friends are involved in gossiping about him/her. Usually, most of the teenagers and college students fall under this category. It can harm the emotional balance of the victim in a way that some victims choose to suicide.

  • Physical Bullying

physical bullyinh.gif
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Slapping, Punching, Hitting, Kicking, Pulling hairs and hurting brutally. Such actions can have scars and injuries. Facing injuries and unwanted physical hurt frequently, changes the person. He/She will be scared to go back to the place. They will be living in the physical pain. The fear and the pain, together affects the mental health. While many in this category plan to give up on their life, there are some who may not give up on life. Survivors will not give up on life but will live with the traumas memories every day. 


  • Cyber Bullying

Photo by FotoReith Pexels

When an individual receives nasty messages and disgusting emails, he/she is disturbed. When they notice their photos are being misused and edited in an inappropriate manner, they lose self esteem. When the private messages are made public by someone else, they lose self respect. Overall, when the person gets bullies through Internet networks, he/she will hate him/herself. In today’s era, when the whole world is dependent on social network site, any kind of inappropriate misuse can affect the person’s emotional status for years or forever. 

Victims can go through one or more types of above-mentioned bullies. It is the duty of parents, teachers, and people around the kids to observe if they are suffering from mental stress. Parents should try to have conversation with kids frequently to know if their child is facing any kind of bullying act. Most kids don’t want to hurt their parents with their problems. Hiding it, can lead to different issues. Families and friends of adults should also look after the adult victim.  On the other hand, it is the duty of everyone not to fight or abuse in front of kids as this is how kids learn to harm other kids and they grow up with these qualities. 


Did you ever experience Bullying? What kind of bullying you faced? Feel free to share your story in brief in the comment box. You can share any tips related to overcoming Bullying in the comment box. 

Thank you for reading. 


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Is Life Fair Or Unfair?


At some point of our life, we feel life is unfair to us. We often come across the circumstances wherein we ask ,”Why me?“. We feel, why these are not happening with others. We compare ourselves with others which leads to the conclusion, life is unfair to us. Yes, we cannot deny that each one of us are living different journey. For some reason, some people really go through unfair paths. On the other hand, it is possible to avoid some of the unfair times.

There are two main factors affecting our life status:
Internal decisions and External environment.

Internal Decisions:

Half of the problems are created by our own choices. Suppose we plan to do something and it does not work out well. We don’t look for other options. When it comes with job choice, the world is so wide and population is around 7.71 billion (by Feb 2019). When there is more population, there is more demand. We can always plan new work. We can add new skills to our portfolio and apply for new jobs. We have strong competition in every stream. But, there is always a way to shine up with uniqueness.

We don’t take enough self-care. When we don’t take care of physical health, how can we expect to live a healthy life? If we don’t manage our mental health, how will we have healthy thoughts? One thing leads to another. We invite diseases and disorders. Later on, we say , “Life is unfair to me, I live with pains.” We miss living a normal life. There is an indirect possibility to affect our studies, job or relationships status. We can avoid all these complications, by following up a healthy routine for ourselves.

We go through a financial crisis. Sometimes we won’t have enough of amount to pay our medical emergency bills. We live in debts. We need to look out for the number of opportunities , that can help us save the money. We should spend wisely. We can buy the things we need and sell the things we don’t need anymore. We should keep track of properties value and stock exchange prices. Selling things on right time can give us better economy support. We could invest in better plans with thorough research. Investing anywhere without detailed knowledge can incur in losses. We should teach our family about financial terms and benefits, which will make them responsible.

Take initiative as and when required. If you try to take initiative in everything, others will not realize their roles. Indulge more in living practically that will help in solving issues easily. Sometimes, the problems are not big. Our perceptions and emotions change it into a complicated matter.



External Environment:

Maybe the government rules are restricting us from applying to our chosen job opportunities. Maybe some corrupted people are looting us through investment plans. Maybe our family member’s behavior is affecting our health. Maybe due to the job hours, we are unable to give time for ourselves. Maybe we are not mentally fit, because we had been stronger for a long time.

The external environment will go against us throwing up unexpected events in our life. That’s the reason we hear the quote, “Life is full of surprises.” Sometimes the surprises can shook us. Everything affects everything. When we are affected by external factors, our reactions will affect our next steps. But, we can try our best to manage the things as much as possible by ourselves.

When we are cooking a spicy dish. Sometimes the dish becomes too much spicy (chilli taste). We don’t feel like eating it. To balance the mixture, we can add a bit of salt and bit of sugar.  In the similar manner, instead of weeping over the real reasons of unfair life, we have to start adding things to make it fair.

What tips you would like to share to make life much easier? Share it in the comment box.

Have a great day/night !

Being Delusionist !!!
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11 Ways To Control Your Anger 😠

11 Ways To Control Your Anger 😠

There are days when we feel annoyed with someone or something and there are lots of shuffled reasons leading to anger in our mind. We need to control our anger but it is difficult to do it.

The simplest thing to do is  breathe in – breathe out. Sometimes we have to control anger to avoid creating a huge issue. Sometime we need to delay the reaction for the right time. It’s true anger is an important part of emotions and must be expressed. Consistently holding your anger for a longer time inside mind can lead to emotional imbalance.

The habit of having control over anger can help us to calm down and take the right decisions. We can find many institutes and health-care management providing anger control therapy. While yoga can help us to have a balance over emotions, there are other simple ways to change the mood. Whenever we are in the angry mood, we can try any of these 11 things :

1]Involve yourself in house chores.

Doing any single work can divert your mind.

When we are trying to perform any house related work, we can keep our mind focused in cleaning things or keeping things neat. While performing these type of tasks, brain slows the anger amount. Everyone may not like doing house chores. Everyone may not be fit enough to carry out these type of work. But, all those people who are capable of doing it can adapt this technique to simmer down.


2]Pick up one of your hobbies and do it for a while, this can make you happy as well.


Painting, crafting, playing instruments, and designing work diverts the thoughts to the creative form. You will feel better by  expressing anger through the paint or music. Reading book or writing books takes the mind to the imagination world. This in turn, helps the senses to shift away from anger. 

3]At the office, do any other work or learn something.


learn something new

We may not have all the privileges of controlling our anger at office. So, the best thing is to learn something new. It can even be the smallest things. Keeping mind busy in learning something new diverts mind from anger. You can continue to do the same given work or change the task for a while. It is one of the ways, to let the anger slip on downhill. 


4]Play some outdoor sports.


Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels


This can bring enthusiasm. Playing outdoor games with other players levels up the energy. You can put the anger into the game to win it. For some people anger can work as negative effect to focus on game whilst for others anger itself can help to focus hard on the game. Whether you win or not, spending time playing sports assists in healthier mental health. 



5]Play indoor or online game.




Playing indoor games with friends, families or at other gaming centers helps the person to enjoy those little moments. Online games can also help the person rather than rushing the negative thoughts in mind. It is as good as engaging yourself in some activity to relieve your mind.


6]Speak with some family member or friends.




Talking about the issue that made you angry on the first place, can help to relax the mind. Discussions related to different things in the conversation adds to mellow down. 


7]Cook your favorite food.


Photo by Steyen Vilijoen


Cooking is one of the skills needs to be acquired to live independently. Some people love eating food , the colloquial term as foodie. You can buy your favorite food from outside but cooking it by yourself gives satisfaction to mind. When your mind and tummy is satisfied, anger will either have less space or no space to stay. 





8]Listen to the music.


Pic by Burst


Listening to your favorite music takes you to the imagination world. You fly to the other side of your expected world. This aids in soothing your heart and hence, your mind.


9]Dance on your favorite music.


Captured by Wellington Cunha(Pexel)


Dancing changes the mood to happiness. You don’t have to be a trained dancer. You can just do any jolly steps by yourself. You can watch song videos or dance videos and perform it simultaneously. It will act as an exercise and keep you happy. When the happy emotion takes over the room, anger vanishes.


10] Watch shows/videos/ series




You can watch any entertainment or your favorite genre shows/videos/series. This helps in your mind in watching and reacting to those shows. Your anger will eventually slide to low scale.


11] Go For Walk


Photo by Humphrey Muleba from Pexels


Last but not the least, Go For Walk. Walking not only keeps you healthy physically, it also boosts your mental strength. You can either go for jogging or have simple walk. Your mind will get diverted to outside atmosphere. You will feel refreshed.

I will wrap up the 11 simple tips of anger management here.
What you do to reduce your anger? Share your tips in the comment box.

Have a good day 🙂



Why self-esteem is important?

When it comes to work, what kind of person are you?




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