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Since WordPress not accepting original clarity photo, here is facebook version clarity.

Photographer’s Eye

Dahlia Process

Nature's power Even when the branches completely die, the new leaves grow from the dead branches and through those leaves flower. There is some willpower amongst certain plants. The color clarity of this flower couldn't capture clearly on mobile cam. One should definitely have this flowers in their garden.

Fresh Photos

It's all a different world of being alone and isolated from the actual world. The only job that actual world does is to affect. Affect mostly in insane form and unpleasant way. To stand alone without anyone ever be there in any of the circumstances is a different isolation feeling. Especially, when surrounded with the... Continue Reading →

Photography Mood

Tiny Ice Car

Once in a blue moon, I make tiny ice sculpture which are not that great but it's fun to do. Here is sharing one of the tiny ice car.

Photography Lovers

I always loved capturing photos. I could do it well with any device. Beginning with kodak rolls, Vga to Lumia and at last, I brought my first Nikon D5200 in the year 2017. I generally use Nikon 55-200mm lense.I love taking Bokeh photography.   I have a Flickr account wherein I am not really much... Continue Reading →

Rose Lovers

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Floral Photography

Photos from my balcony. Captured photos with Nikon D5200. COPYRIGHTS PROTECTED. To use paid photos, contact on this page Contact Us Bunch of flowers to begin the day. RELATED CONTENT: Shades Of Roses Photography ART

Shades Of Roses

Do not use images by taking screen-shot or downloading for free. These images are copyrights protected. To use the photos, you need to pay for it. For more information,┬áContact Us Shades Of Roses & Petals Shots captured from Nikon D5200 RELATED CONTENT:PhotographyPhotography LoversArt 

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