Unbridled Joy

“Petrichor smoothing the chaotic mind

Stoked with the smoothing weather

Reminiscing the beautiful moments

Dawdling on the beautiful lawn

Encircled in alluring flowers

Under the alluring rainbow

Clouds beaming with the sun-rays

Faces beaming with the joys

Dwelling on the beauty of nature !”



Drowning Literally Or Metaphorically

When you are drowning literally,

You feel like you are dying.

You struggle to swim.

You gasp for an air.

You know either you will survive or die.

Whatever it’s gonna be ,

The choice will be made within minutes.


When you are drowning metaphorically,

You feel like you are dying.

While reaching for the 1000 m depth of an Ocean,

Often you will feel like you are about to die at any moment.

But, the drowning journey seems to be infinite.

You learn to swim through the consequences,

When you acquire the strength to reach back to the top of an Ocean,

You are the bravest person set to unbosom an untold story to the world.

Hush! You breathe with the hopes of thinking you survived.

When you turn around,

You are just in the middle of Ocean,

With no direction to any Island.

You are lost and there is no map for you.

You can only view

the blue and the dark,

the water and the clouds.

It’s a feeling:

“I don’t know , how many ages or decades,

It’s gonna take to find an Island,

I am clueless,

Will I die finding the destined Island or get a chance to tell the story of survival? “

-Shubhi Patil


Shamelessly Them !

“Nitpicking by relatives

Petrifying the innocents

Weaseling bonds

Irrational minds

No iota of love

Ludicrously preaches

The zilch class!!”

Nitpicking by relatives Petrifying the innocents Weaseling bonds Irrational minds No iota of love Ludicrously preaches The zilch class!

The Evening !

A quirky street, A sundry dope, Lit the atmosphere, Brimming with cheers By toasting beers!!!

"A quirky street,

A sundry dope,

Lit the atmosphere,

Brimming with cheers

By toasting beers!!!"

The Secret


The real meaning of the word ‘Secret ‘ is something that is meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. How many of us really follow the actual meaning?
In this chaos world, it is hard to find a bare soul.

I doubt about many keeping secrets as unknown or unseen but I am pretty sure, each one of us will hold some secret for the whole life. When I look around, I feel the world’s transparency is so beautiful as well as the questioning one.

We expect someone to unravel our secrets. It’s a human nature to have own secret but also share it with someone trustable. Not everyone takes an immense interest in listening to other’s secrets.

We all have secrets

I say ,I am an open book. I also wear the mask like everyone else does.
I am not good at lying as I can fake smiles all the time.
Like many other people, I am broken into pieces from inside and out .
Can everyone else see the broken image of mine?
They can only see the fake smiles.

When I fail to smile,
When I am out of words ,
my face turns expressionless,
my quietness turns into darkness,
& sometimes my  bemused look
allows people to judge me.

Angry, Boring,
Rude, Saddest
are the words I am tagged with.

I said ,I am an open book
but seemingly not everyone can read it.
I feel like screaming,
I feel to thrash out everything
off my mind.
It’s not easy to carry
the weight of memories,
the volume of secrets,
the regrets & sorrows,
it acts like  the poison
& the good potion,
haunts in dreams,
plays in mind,
the untold stories!

At times,
I am scared of myself,
I fear from my changes,
I fear losing feelings &
be a hard-hearted person.

The hardest part of living is
to have painful thorns inside,
blizzard of thoughts,
binding to find answers,
trying to break the walls ,
trying to open the doors,
locked inside with no keys.

In search of the lost key,
at once ,set oneself free,
from all the heavy things on my mind.
To breathe the fresh air,
to unbind from all the secrets of my life.

Every time I share the same secret with a new person,
I feel, I am reading my book with a new perception.

Not every one of us holds the dirty secrets.
Some innocent ones &
Some mischievous ones ,
Some struggling ones &
Some broken ones.
Sometimes we put the seeds of the secret in the few closed ones,
they don’t let it grow either.
That’s the best thing!

But the world is always not so fair ,
there are evils out there.
The calumnies  grow our secrets with spices & dung ,
spread it everywhere ,
thereby, arises nuisance rumors.

Be careful ,when to open up the secrets and when to lock it up.
There are angels & demons seeking for it.

Most of the secrets are our life experiences. You may think you know a lot of  secrets about someone ,there will always be something that person will never share with anyone throughout life. Take an interest in someone’s secrets and you will be tangled with him/her for a while or maybe for a longer time. Secrets are usually the interesting chapter of a hidden soul.






In Search Of Justice !
The Voice For Freedom


Lost In Love

Sometimes I try to write musings/poetries. Yet to polish my skills 🙂

Amid the celebration–
dazzling fireworks and glasses of wine ,

I look around to get a glimpse of you
in the room filled with party animals.

Back in those days, I was delighted
to meet you for the first time.

We laughed on jokes, played pranks

& enjoyed every moment spending together.

People around us extolled how

we both are made for each other.

Your grandiose behaviour made me admire you more than before.

Your sweet & protective embrace
brought more happier moments for me.

It was the wonderful feeling of
divine bliss and having blessed to have you.

The ecstasy of love has itself compelled me to live each moment

carrying the beautiful smile across my face.

Few days of good days and then
all the days turned into only memories.

You absconded easily without
even giving me a last goodbye.

Unfortunately, my fate does not
want me to be with you.

Letting go off the thoughts that involves only you with me
can not be  accepted as a choice.

For few days we were more than friends
and now we are just another strangers.

I have no clue what fate has laid me to!!!

I have been contemplating puzzled assumptions of

there is something between us

or nay am fool to be lost in an unrealistic world.

Can you enlighten what relation we actually hold now???

Enlighten the darkness,  let the truth shine as modest.

Its tormenting ,every second I think of you
knowing the fact that you can never be mine.

I walked on the path that paved me the way
to the pain & agony through thorns.

Along with those never ending feeling of abandonment,
I was accustomed to live my life in this way.

Now the flames are so fierce,
it has started burning the immortal love for you in me.

Days have passed &  I am still anguishedly living
being unaware of what the destiny is holding for me…


The Secret
In Search Of Justice !

Someone Is Missing

Missing a person who never existed till now
and don’t know will ever be present in future

Wish I had someone who would greet me in the morning
making me feel its  a beautiful morning and so
its gonna be a wonderful day ahead…

 When I am about to decide  what to cook for breakfast!!
By the time wish someone with love would have already
made breakfast especially for me …
Perhaps tastiest and maybe my favorite breakfast..

 Wish I had a great work to do throughout the day…
interesting work ….I wouldn’t be bored with my job…
Wish my teammates would be fun to work with..
Wish I would learn more  new things
adding myself to be more professional…

 When I come back home
Wish someone had already prepared dinner for me…
I would just have it and sleep calmly …

 If I am not on job then also
wish someone is doing
special things only for me…
Wish I could simply enjoy
playing guitar and singing
& also having a cup of coffee at evening
with fun -filled topics to talk…

 When I am sick-
wish someone would take care of me completely ..
Wish my rooms were filled with fragrance of flowers &
hence giving me strength as well as positiveness to recover…

 Wish I could take a break from my routine life
and go out somewhere … enjoy to the fullest …
cherish every moment as if that is the last day of my life……

 Wish someone was there to listen to me …
talk about my dreams…
I could have summarized my whole day …

 Wish someone would hug me and
tell everything will be alright
and there is nothing to get worried about…

 Everyone has big wishes of skydiving,
scuba diving, para-sailing & do adventurous stuff …

For now, I wish I could play like kids again
and have that innocent behavior in me..
I wish I could sing, dance like
no one is seeing me
as if I am happy flying bird…

 Wish I could have that single day
wherein I can stop thinking about
every chaos around me
and give my mind a serene peace or relief…

 For a day if we happen to see all our little wishes being fulfilled
it feels to be so blessed and fortunate enough…

Wish life was easy for at least a single day.
I can fulfill these little wishes for others
but will anyone do that for me???


Wait a moment …
hey, am I wishing a robot with feelings??
[P.S.just kidding]
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When Maya meets Aruj
15 Inspirational Life Lessons


Pieces Of Perception

Original Photo by Suvan Chowdhury Pexels .Edits by Shubh

Is it my view or
Is it the waves of depression everywhere?

Am I the only one seeing it or
the clouds of anxiety visibly passing everywhere?

Can’t we take little steps
to restore ourselves back?
Can’t we attract the positive world
to pick up the good vibes?
Why do we have to choose
thunder storms over sunshines?
Why do we have to stay in the darkness,
when there is a stay-cation to rehabilitate?

Nescient make  jokes.
They don’t know what happens,
when the negative words are repeated.
They make fun of the terms,
slices of a sheer ignorance.

En-lighteners spread awareness.
They seek for change.
They don’t want
anyone to feel left out.
They fill up the void.

Everything happens online!
But, do the offline society know it?

I told them,
She has mental illness.
They made questionable faces.

I said she has depression.
They continued complaining about her.

I said she has sadness.
They said, she is a weird woman.
We don’t understand her.
We don’t like her.

It’s a bitter pill for me.
I remained silent!



Why self-esteem is important?
Shades Of Roses

In Search Of Justice !


I gathered all my hopes up,
I became the strongest person again.
I decided not to give up.
I demurred,
I was searching for justice.
I had the right requirements to qualify
but, I was rejected.
Bribe made things easier for someone.
Fake proofs were termed real.
Maybe Deplorable.
Silly me, I was searching for justice.

I had all the proofs,
I had supportive people,
I was on the right path,
but I was searching for justice.

Many lawyers were murdered,
murder cases turned as absurd suicides,
alibis vanished,
but, I was searching for justice.

Bold journalists were shot,
proofs were buried,
the story was remade abruptly,
but, I was searching for justice.

Nations hosted meetings,
Dealing were done,
Innocent armies
sacrificed their life.
Why not seek justice?

Rape victims were banished,
Rapists were absolved  & worshipped,
matter of life & death,
matter of having fun,
but, I was searching for justice.

Poor got poorer paying the pennies,
Rich got richer by exempting from taxes.
Charity was the way to exemptions and needers.
Politics played the best game.
Looting became a fantasy.
I was searching for justice.

The actual prisoners get the luxury life,
The innocent prisoners die in hell.
How can I not search for justice.?

Culprit was given VIP protection,
Witness was attacked multiple times,
Yes ! I am in search of justice.

The battle of fair and unfair,
The battle of theist  & atheist,
The quarrels in mind,
Yet , I was searching for justice.

The wars are plotted.
The innocents are slaughtered.
The criminals are winning.
The helpers are crawling.
I could not acclimate,
Hence, I am searching for justice.

Deceivers framed themselves
as God/Goddess/Gurus.
Received unlimited blind followers.
Innocents were calumniated,
Hope there is justice out there.

Astrologers beating scientists,
Solution to all problems!
No one saw future,
But, astrologers earned the future
emptying coward’s pockets.
I am searching for Justice in every inch.

Battles for water resources,
Battles for food supplies,
Battles for land rights,
Unforgotten we are all same humans,
Our roots are the same.
Ergo, who has found real justice?

Good people will give rise
to more good people.
Bad people will end
at one time of era.
It’s not the fable,
It’s the reality,
Into  the abyss,
I can’t stop searching for justice.

Alas ! I am not looking for someone
with the name Justice.



Bullying & the side effects !


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