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I always loved capturing photos. I could do it well with any device. Beginning with kodak rolls, Vga to Lumia and at last, I brought my first Nikon D5200 in the year 2017. I generally use Nikon 55-200mm lense.
I love taking Bokeh photography.


I have a Flickr account wherein I am not really much active now. Like other websites nowadays, Flickr has also come up with the benefits for premium members and that’s where free members can lose out the views on their profile. My account is free. But, through Flickr, I got a chance to get real feedback from top photographers.

The first photo that got qualified for Flickr Explore is this one which also got 10k views within a day. Something which I did not expect as I have not shared it anywhere else. The favorite likes are higher than what it shows on the public page which is not a good thing. Wish it could show real favs. Many people have the same issue on their profile.

Here is the link to this pink flower:

Pink Daisy Flower

The below pic was captured through Nokia Lumia 920.

Bokeh somehwere unnoticed in bushes

Another Bokeh through Nikon AF-S.


Can you guess what it is?
pack of reflections


Messages in the bottle





Bloggers around the World

Bloggers around the world

I am writing this post based on what I observed. I previously wrote this article focusing mainly on Indian bloggers. This time I am updating it by taking into consideration the bloggers around the world.

Blogging has turned out to be the most common thing all around the world. It is also a taboo that only an unemployed people write blogs. But, the truth is even an employed ones love blogging. Earlier, bloggers were considered as only writers platform. Over a period of time, it has turned into a writing personal life. The usage of blogging platform for each one of us differ as per our requirements. Some of us write here to share thoughts or experiences while rest may write related to teaching or business purpose. 

Indian Bloggers

Indian Bloggers

It does not feel good to write that most of the Indian bloggers are not really good at appreciating other’s blogs. I can clearly say most of the Indian bloggers are lacking exposure. A few years back, I came in touch with USA & UK group and I happen to understand how hard they are working for getting readers to their blogs. There were few more Indians but, it was really disesteeming to see how those Indians were only interested in sharing their own blogs and not going through others. Everyone started complaining about Indian members and yet these fellows shamelessly continued to exist in the community to get readers only for their own blogs. 

Back in those days, Indian bloggers were not doing it well. But in 2019 some of the bloggers are participating. Although the ratio is very low. If there are 10 Indian bloggers then only 4 will actively participate.



(From the observation of a group which was specifically created only for Indian Bloggers and no one else was allowed from another country) When the technique of connecting Indian Bloggers was being started; out of thousands of bloggers, hardly 4 or 5 were actively involved. There are good helping Indian bloggers and definitely, we don’t want to defame them because of some irresponsible bloggers.

Bloggers around the world

Bloggers around the world

In my previous paragraph, I praised other countries in the World. What is the statistics of 2019?

Slowly, others are also failing to help fellow bloggers. Even with a clear idea of the Blogging Planet, not everyone is able to keep up the task of reading others work.  We are now able to find that some are participating in the reciprocation but not really completing it . We can see people are just skipping away with the lies of already reciprocated. 

SEO is hard to break

SEO is hard to break

We are all aware of the changing SEO techniques and analytics going around. People who were gaining profit through their site are now unable to see the same level of returns. SEO techniques have expanded. The number of blogs in today’s stats is greater than the previous data. Because of this reason, it becomes difficult to stand your article on the first page of search engine. The ranking is unpredictable now unless you have a unique topic. So, everyone definitely needs multi ways of bringing traffic to their blog.
The tougher the competition to break the SEO rank, the toughest it is to maintain the connections through social media network. 

Networking is vital

Networking is vital

Blogging is not at all easier than sayings. We need to spend time thinking and writing. The next step is to follow up on the SEO guidelines. Then, the person has to start connecting with the people. We can not just post and leave. No one is going to see unless it’s shared. No one is going to see unless it’s shared 100 plus more times. The content should be the best. But, just writing content won’t work anymore.

You need to connect with people to let them know why they should read your articles. You have to read other people blogs so that they read yours. You need to credit other people work so that they think of giving feedback to your blogs too. Unfortunately, the sharing platform has reduced. People are not reading articles on previous shared platforms. Some of the platforms have also started charging for uploading a blog sample. Presently, sharing is mainly limited to Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter to receive a good response.  




Respect other’s work

Respect other's work

As mentioned earlier bloggers are the writers, exception sellers and photographers.  As per my observation, we are failing as writers community. Somewhere in the competition world, we have lost the true meaning of a writer. Thousands of bloggers have moved to their own site. Of course in the world of competition, who don’t want a personal site. But, amidst lies few bloggers who can’t afford Domain & Hosts. Hence, they proceed with a free site.  Such free sites usually lose the ranking in SEO.

Every blogger wants to get attention from readers but, are they giving back the same attention to other bloggers?  Are the contents appropriate or it’s only about copying someone else’s content? We see people who write gibberish, hence, do not hold any meaningful content but still do their best through Marketing Strategy.

As bloggers, one must be open to appreciations as well as criticism. Many writers fail to accept criticism. They find it aggressive. Critics will help us improve and leaving a true feedback will help the person to come up with a better article. We need to uplift each other to achieve our goals. 

Around the world, bloggers are usually amongst these 7 categories:

1] To earn only through Ads, content is secondary



earn money by writing

Yes, everyone needs to earn. Blogging through affiliate links, sponsorship and ads display is helpful for many people. Blogging can definitely act as the only source or as an alternative for earning purpose.


2]To get fame

I want to be famous

Some fellows have misunderstood that blogging is one of the steps to become popular.

3]To get readers only for own blog

Just Read Me


4]Let everyone read my diary


coffee and diary

5]Blogging is what anyone can do so I will also do it. Write anything !!!


6]Writing is what I love to do and don’t care whether I get readers or not.

idc meme


7]And there are another bunch of people who think once they have started blogging, they can publish their own book too. P.S. publishing book is a good thing as long as you are not naive & your content attract readers.


As the quote says,“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that”


I am thankful to the people who had been taking out time from their busy schedules and genuinely helping other writers with their honest feedback.



The amount of time you spend in sharing your links on all social platforms, try to give half of that time to read other’s blogs too.

” A coterie of writers can lead to a better writing world.” Everyone has to come forward and be involved actively in encouraging others by keeping everyone’s work alive.

quote on writer


Check this link to know more about how to start your own blogging site :
Want to be a blogger?

How do I check my Blog?

On this Page, Check Menu -> Category and select your favorite category to read different posts. 



Common Man’s Demands

We don’t need hefty charges on traffic rules,

which is not affordable by a common man.

We follow rules all the time.

If we break rules, we pay.

We need developed roads and potholes.

If you break rules, we lose a precious life.

We don’t need super speed underground bullet train

short duration transport from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

We need a proper drainage/ sewage system all over the country.

Encouragement to business industry is a good idea.

But, we don’t need around 5 supermarkets ,2 malls next to small grocery stores and vegetable markets.

Why do we have 10 plus big hospitals below the coverage of 2km,

when none of them can provide the right treatment?

We don’t need illegal practices, we need real doctors.

Why do we have many branded big pharmacy stores next to each other surrounded with small pharmacies?

We don’t need more lavishing restaurants, when there is less supply of fruits and vegetables in the market for the common man.

We don’t need more branded malls, showrooms, list of expensive clothing stores,

when we have enough of poverty line.

We don’t need selfies of cleaning trash, we need the clean roads and surroundings.

How much effort does it take to impose a mandatory water conservation methods and supply a pure drinking water supply?

When you encourage women empowerment,

Please encourage speedy justice by giving cruel penalties to the criminals.

Get Married-solution for everything !


Marriage itself is a word that always freaks me out. I don’t know why I really never believed in the concept of “Marriage“.

I don't want to get married.

My opinion about marriage is, it is a proof for the society that the couple is married or booked. If two people are in love and wanna spend their life together for the rest of their life then here comes the Marriage Certification. Even people having a living relationship find this Certification useful at some or other point. No matter what religion, caste, race you belong to, which place in the world you live in, some or other day you will find yourself taking oath/vows in the wedding aisle.

wed vows at aisle

Once you reach in your 20s, you ought to find a partner or else by hook or crook someone will find a partner for you. You won’t be left with much of a choice, to marry someone.


Of course,  there are folks who live single for the whole life. But do they live this life without fighting with their own family and society? Almost all the single ones had to go through the repetitive questions and comments on them.

We cannot say it’s the old generation mind. Because we have a young generation who does the same thing. I reached in my 20s(Update: Oops no more in 20s!)  and almost all my friends started getting married and within a few years, almost all of them were blessed with kids too.

cats meme
relatives meme

I don’t care what others think about me for sure, but I think the whole society is worried about me a lot. In today’s techie & independent world, it’s mandatory to have a job.
The bio-data in matrimony must show your resume which will impress the guy/girl and you will have chances to be selected for the proposal. Bingo!!!
I am post graduated qualified with additional skills and due to certain family reasons, my career life did not go well. Unfortunately, I am not working the regular 9 to 5 job. It turns out to be a negative point for the whole society. They don’t pay my bills or take care of me but a big question: Who will marry me?

Every guest that comes to my house or my relatives advise the same thing to me and my parents,” At this age, no job then get married!!”
Some of them asked me to move the USA for further studies and if I don’t move by myself then, at least, marry the guy working in the USA . To add on, single ones in the age 20s had to always come across aunties giving mantras, “Get married soon, have kids soon. The sooner the better. If you marry late then you will have problems having kids then there is no meaning for marriage. ” *sob sob*

meme on advices

A huge LOL!!!
This is my everyday life to avoid such old generation mind and facing society whether it is on the streets or in some family functions or someone else’s wedding, “When is your wedding?”

I kill everyone in my mind but I have to tell them: ‘ very soon maybe this year or next year.’

gift for wedding


Do I enjoy with people of my age around me completely? At least there I have got some air to breathe on…Nahhhh!!
Considering half of my friends are married, it is difficult to hang out with them. When they hit me,” Why are you not married yet!!”
And do the other half unmarried people allow me to enjoy?
Nah Nooo
Well, I have to say I am not dating anyone and I don’t have a boyfriend.

drama meme

So, here are these people who will keep on asking me why are you not even dating someone? If you can’t find any boy, then opt for arrange marriage.

arranged marriage meme waiing for you


Yeah seriously, Facepalm!!

Well, I did meet a bunch of people who even assumed about me as a lesbian. What? ah hun O.o

gender stigma meme

Well, what can I say ..*No words*
I am straight and it is okay if I don’t have a job and my health & career life does not go well. I don’t even understand even in this modern world, why people assume gender as a lesbian and ask it like a stigma.
I believe it is not mandatory to find some partner to fix my life problems.
Thanks to 2-3 of my married friends, who always sob,” You are lucky to be single. Never marry anyone.”

second thoughts meme

Why should one marry someone just for the sake of society, when not even ready for it? Of course,  having a bf/husband is not always a problem. When you are not ready for a relationship, don’t go for it. By the way,  even when you are ready to be in a relationship, don’t just settle for a random partner.

being single is best

I don’t know whether I will ever get married to someone or fall in love with someone but for now; I love myself and enjoy with my friends(Update: no more friends around). I am single & definitely fine with this status. To the people out there, I don’t have to jot down the benefits of being single. You know how it is & moreover will find plenty of blogs out there showing ” Being single is the best thing ” 😛 😛

Being Single, Cheers!!!

being single cheers

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