Bloggers around the World

Bloggers around the world

I am writing this post based on what I observed. I previously wrote this article focusing mainly on Indian bloggers. This time I am updating it by taking into consideration the bloggers around the world.

Blogging has turned out to be the most common thing all around the world. It is also a taboo that only an unemployed people write blogs. But, the truth is even an employed ones love blogging. Earlier, bloggers were considered as only writers platform. Over a period of time, it has turned into a writing personal life. The usage of blogging platform for each one of us differ as per our requirements. Some of us write here to share thoughts or experiences while rest may write related to teaching or business purpose. 

Indian Bloggers

Indian Bloggers

It does not feel good to write that most of the Indian bloggers are not really good at appreciating other’s blogs. I can clearly say most of the Indian bloggers are lacking exposure. A few years back, I came in touch with USA & UK group and I happen to understand how hard they are working for getting readers to their blogs. There were few more Indians but, it was really disesteeming to see how those Indians were only interested in sharing their own blogs and not going through others. Everyone started complaining about Indian members and yet these fellows shamelessly continued to exist in the community to get readers only for their own blogs. 

Back in those days, Indian bloggers were not doing it well. But in 2019 some of the bloggers are participating. Although the ratio is very low. If there are 10 Indian bloggers then only 4 will actively participate.



(From the observation of a group which was specifically created only for Indian Bloggers and no one else was allowed from another country) When the technique of connecting Indian Bloggers was being started; out of thousands of bloggers, hardly 4 or 5 were actively involved. There are good helping Indian bloggers and definitely, we don’t want to defame them because of some irresponsible bloggers.

Bloggers around the world

Bloggers around the world

In my previous paragraph, I praised other countries in the World. What is the statistics of 2019?

Slowly, others are also failing to help fellow bloggers. Even with a clear idea of the Blogging Planet, not everyone is able to keep up the task of reading others work.  We are now able to find that some are participating in the reciprocation but not really completing it . We can see people are just skipping away with the lies of already reciprocated. 

SEO is hard to break

SEO is hard to break

We are all aware of the changing SEO techniques and analytics going around. People who were gaining profit through their site are now unable to see the same level of returns. SEO techniques have expanded. The number of blogs in today’s stats is greater than the previous data. Because of this reason, it becomes difficult to stand your article on the first page of search engine. The ranking is unpredictable now unless you have a unique topic. So, everyone definitely needs multi ways of bringing traffic to their blog.
The tougher the competition to break the SEO rank, the toughest it is to maintain the connections through social media network. 

Networking is vital

Networking is vital

Blogging is not at all easier than sayings. We need to spend time thinking and writing. The next step is to follow up on the SEO guidelines. Then, the person has to start connecting with the people. We can not just post and leave. No one is going to see unless it’s shared. No one is going to see unless it’s shared 100 plus more times. The content should be the best. But, just writing content won’t work anymore.

You need to connect with people to let them know why they should read your articles. You have to read other people blogs so that they read yours. You need to credit other people work so that they think of giving feedback to your blogs too. Unfortunately, the sharing platform has reduced. People are not reading articles on previous shared platforms. Some of the platforms have also started charging for uploading a blog sample. Presently, sharing is mainly limited to Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter to receive a good response.  




Respect other’s work

Respect other's work

As mentioned earlier bloggers are the writers, exception sellers and photographers.  As per my observation, we are failing as writers community. Somewhere in the competition world, we have lost the true meaning of a writer. Thousands of bloggers have moved to their own site. Of course in the world of competition, who don’t want a personal site. But, amidst lies few bloggers who can’t afford Domain & Hosts. Hence, they proceed with a free site.  Such free sites usually lose the ranking in SEO.

Every blogger wants to get attention from readers but, are they giving back the same attention to other bloggers?  Are the contents appropriate or it’s only about copying someone else’s content? We see people who write gibberish, hence, do not hold any meaningful content but still do their best through Marketing Strategy.

As bloggers, one must be open to appreciations as well as criticism. Many writers fail to accept criticism. They find it aggressive. Critics will help us improve and leaving a true feedback will help the person to come up with a better article. We need to uplift each other to achieve our goals. 

Around the world, bloggers are usually amongst these 7 categories:

1] To earn only through Ads, content is secondary



earn money by writing

Yes, everyone needs to earn. Blogging through affiliate links, sponsorship and ads display is helpful for many people. Blogging can definitely act as the only source or as an alternative for earning purpose.


2]To get fame

I want to be famous

Some fellows have misunderstood that blogging is one of the steps to become popular.

3]To get readers only for own blog

Just Read Me


4]Let everyone read my diary


coffee and diary

5]Blogging is what anyone can do so I will also do it. Write anything !!!


6]Writing is what I love to do and don’t care whether I get readers or not.

idc meme


7]And there are another bunch of people who think once they have started blogging, they can publish their own book too. P.S. publishing book is a good thing as long as you are not naive & your content attract readers.


As the quote says,“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that”


I am thankful to the people who had been taking out time from their busy schedules and genuinely helping other writers with their honest feedback.



The amount of time you spend in sharing your links on all social platforms, try to give half of that time to read other’s blogs too.

” A coterie of writers can lead to a better writing world.” Everyone has to come forward and be involved actively in encouraging others by keeping everyone’s work alive.

quote on writer


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  1. Shubhi….valid point about Indian mentality….it must be give and take…good one

  2. Yes there are peoples who goes with this mentality but there are also who just only what to express what they feel.As I am new to this blogging world but instead I only and only wanna share my self without any cost or expectations.

    1. I am doing same thing sharing and writing whenever I can 🙂
      By the way Welcome to blogging/writing world 🙂

      1. Great observations. Blogging is mostly hard work but the results are rewarding. I rhink one sure way to fastrack the resulta is to network well with bloggers. Thanks.

    2. Elizabeth O says:

      If i have a spare time, I love reading blogs about foreign countries, foods and culture..It’s like experiencing these things at the comfort of our own home..

  3. sir ,good eve ,just now i red this post ,u said correct sir ,and i am a new bloger i need your help how can search my post by others ,if my frz was try to searcg my post content ,they are can’t reach my blog beacuse ,that wordpress ask uname and password ,so help me and give some important tipes

    1. Hello, thank you for the appreciation 🙂
      First of all, don’t call me Sir as I am female 🙂 If you want your friends to search the content then you have to share the link of your blog post on the facebook or other social networks and once they click on the link, your post will be visible to them. And yes they can only share your link in the same way. If they want to like or comment or follow you, then it’s necessary for them to have a WordPress account. Its compulsion to create username and password. (Update: people can now comment as a guest comment) Hope this clears your doubt. Let me know if you have more doubts. You can also check my other blog here
      for any other doubts or ask me here too.

  4. I took agree that blogging is now seen as profession.But still they are people like u and others who see as a platform for creative writing, where without knowing exactly each other can actually share are culture and thoughts about anything which we find interesting or like to share with others .Am new to blogging and each day while reading others blog I learn something new .I see this as a platform where actually I can make ours to see this world through my eyes.

  5. Michael David Oyco says:

    Nice list you have in here.. There are good take outs. Thank you.

  6. Pretty eye opening post. Thanks for sharing that perspective!

  7. We are many, we are everywhere and I agree that there must be mutual respect also for our different ways of seeing the world.

  8. It is interesting to read how it seems to be a bit different across the world. I think we definitely all need to try and respect and support each other.

  9. Oh wow, I hadn’t even noticed some of the things you mentioned. But it is super important to network with other bloggers. After all, it’s nearly impossible to succeed alone in this world.

  10. What’s funny is that I wrote a post about networking and never thought about using those same tips to build my blogging network!

  11. I am in the bloggers who write for people to read category. I love writing so bad. I am however moving more towards making some money nowadays.

  12. I never really thought much about blogs from around the world. I do like reading blogs from other people in other countries. I liked your tips on networking. I think it’s important to network with other bloggers.

  13. I agree that some people do not reciprocate in … anything. I used to blog so I could gain free products to write about, but nowadays I just pay for my stuff. I want to write about fashion and helping people in their endeavors, which is what I have been doing now.

  14. It’s important to support your fellow bloggers. Forming a community can be so beneficial to yourself, your blog and others.

  15. Bindu Thomas says:

    Thanks for sharing that perspective!

  16. I have just started blogging and doing this on the side while trying to surive in my day job… im a bit sad to learn all these although i knew i wont be easy. This gave me a deeper understanding about the industry,

  17. This post has a lot of good points! I just started blogging and this is a real eye opener! I think it’s so important to have a mutual respect and it’s also important to always network!

  18. The blogging world is certainly growing and not everyone that is participating is concerned with their user experience or building each other up. I think those are the people that really fail to grasp what blogging can truly be (even if you are making money from it).

  19. I agree with most of the points… It’s peek time that Indians should respect others work and also their work… Well explained about it 😊👍🏼

  20. You do have a ton of good points here. I think blogging is split down the middle too, with half writing about life experiences and the other half wishing to teach. I like both types!

  21. I am agree on each and every point of yours which you mentioned above specially the point which you mentioned above Indian Bloggers. We are part of few groups where Indian bloggers just came and post their blogs that’s it they are doing spamming not reading other bloggers post.

  22. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    Being a blogger is not as easy as some people think but the community is fantastic! I do enjoy communicating with other bloggers the fullest. It is always a huge joy to me.

  23. I blog to inspire my audience so content is very key. And it’s unfortunate that bloggers over here also don’t uphold each other but I’m glad I found a community on Facebook.

  24. Alexandra Cook says:

    Having a good network of folks to work with really goes the distance. The wider it is, the better off we are!

  25. I am a full time professional blogger and writer. But we have a family business to sustain us. So whatever I earn from blogging is extra.

  26. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    You have made valid points here. I started a blog as a hobby but it eventually turned in to a source of income. I love writing about my travels, sharing tips and recommended places to stay.

  27. I think some Indians are still actively participating in others promotion, reading other posts because I have got some comments for my blog from them.

  28. Michael David Oyco says:

    Well basically.. The give and take will automatically happen since readers will really know if you are genuine with things or not. So its better to be always truthful wit everything. (y) nice post

  29. What great advice for beginner bloggers! I never seen hostility on the internet with bloggers, but I am always on FB and Twitter (and I am in Japan, which doesn’t have a lot of bloggers in English). I always encounter positive thoughts!

  30. Very interesting read. And very different too. And you are right on many aspects.

  31. Helen Neale says:

    love this topic! every single one of them is such an important information. Thanks so much for sharing

  32. I totally agree with you that you have to be reciprocal to other readers. On my own blog I write what I feel because it is a good release, not for marketing or anything else. We must remember to engage others.

  33. I don’t think I belong to any of the seven categories. Haha! I created my blog to inform, entertain, and educate my readers about the places I visit. Not for money, not for fame, and definitely not to share every single detail of my life. 🙂

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