Beware Of Evil Bloggers

Millions of bloggers are consistently working hard to be on the top of the SEO market. While many are trying to build up good communities and helping each other out, we cannot avoid vipers. Every industry has bad and good people so does the blogging platform.



When you ask for a review of your site, notice who is giving you the honest feedback.

Whenever you ask for a feedback and suggestions for your website, majority of viewers won’t spend their time on visiting your site. The genuine people will spend few minutes and give you some suggestions as well as critics to improve. They will appreciate your work and wish for your growth.

Few people may give you unnecessary critics because they don’t want any blogger climb up the growth chart. The critics have the intention of demotivating you. Analyze their comment and observe, if there is really any need of those improvements to be done on your site. Share the review with few people to check whether they agree with it. Sometimes people will not check your blog explicitly, but throw up bad feedback. Remember people are watching you in the review and promotional groups. Such bad reviews will put wrong impression about your site on others too. You will eventually lose a good networking in the respective community.

Shameless Copy Cat

Some bloggers will straight away copy and paste your blog post on their site. In case, they have already done good marketing of promoting their site better than you, you may be considered plagiarized by readers. Because your statistics will be lesser than the copycat. Despite of privacy policies, people will violate the rules by using your site images as theirs.

Redo The Topic

Some bloggers copy the title as it is. Sometimes they change the title of blog. They will re-frame your post sentences wherein the context and meaning will remain the same. It’s called as smart copying. When someone does this type of smart copying, there is possibility of your site statistics being affected. On the other hand, readers will think either of you have copied the ideas as it is.

Changing Your View

Some platforms provide rights to the bloggers to change the comments. Hence, your original comment on their post can be changed by them. Be careful. Few bloggers can rewrite your comment into something which is against your original comment. For this reason, you need to have track of your previous comments. Since, you cannot always keep track of comments, you can just write the comments in a way such that there should not be much chance for the blogger to change it.

What type of evil bloggers you came across so far?

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13 thoughts on “Beware Of Evil Bloggers

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  1. Mandi Morrison says:

    Thankfully I haven’t come across anything bad. I have know others who have had their whole blog copied in the past though!

  2. Elena Toma says:

    I blog for about 5 years but until now I have never had to deal with evil or mean bloggers. I think is really unprofessional to copy someone’s work without giving credit .

  3. I have witness a copy cat post. At first, I was quite confused because I had sworn I had clicked on another website! Hopefully, I will never have to experience content theft firsthand.

  4. I haven’t dealt with evil bloggers but I’ve heard many stories about those that have. It’s a shame when people feel the need t copy or crap over others work. There is room for us all.

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I hope I do not encounter such people. It would be so frustrating to know that your work has been copied! I try to check for plagiarism once in a while but I guess I have to do that on a regular basis!

  6. Absolutely agree with this blog post. I’ve dealt with a few bloggers that I would call “evil” because all they can seem to do is negatively criticize my blog in every comment they leave. Thanks for the read and the reminder that “evil bloggers” are out there!

  7. Bindu Thomas says:

    Very informative. Thanks for taking the time to compile this.

  8. As a blogger I have seen this happening. And this is very unfortunate and heartbreaking. We spend so much time by working on blogs and few people take the advantage.

    1. I am so glad I read this post as it has informed me so the dark side of blogging. At least now, I know what to avoid!

  9. I am so glad I read this post as it has informed me so the dark side of blogging. At least now, I know what to avoid!

  10. Wow, people are crazy. I never thought someone would actually steal someone else’s work. I hope they get caught!

  11. I have come across all sorts of bloggers. The copycats really annoy me. I have had to deal with quite a few.

  12. Yes You are right about Shameless Copy Cat blogger ! I am dealing mostly with the copycat blogger.. blogging profession is life time investment if you did such type of creepy things you will not grow!! thanks for pointing out this phase of blogging as well !!

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