Being me became the toughest thing !

When I got an opportunity to communicate with different people again, I realized I am not myself this time.
When I liked giggles in the conversation , I realised my response is a fake smile to those real giggles.

When I noticed someone greeting so enthusiastically , I had to try to do the same but I just left a dull moment.

Deep down in my mind , I feel lost. It is awful to know that I couldn’t be myself.
I wondered will I ever meet anyone cherishingly?
My sense of humor asked will I ever crack jokes around the people freely?
My emotions screamed to free the choked up voice that needs to embrace the fun-filled atmosphere.
I gazed at the stars and wished,
Bring me back!
Perhaps, my only fear is will I ever be the same chirpy bird swinging in the air with the smiley face and real laughs.

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