Being Delusionist !!!


Delusion the way to live the positive life .”

Literally speaking , “A delusion is a belief that is held with a strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. “
Delusion is a mental disorder. Often it involves hallucinations, negativity or rather false belief. Today, we will use this form in other way.

Sometimes you can try to look at your life with the delusion perception. When constantly for years, life goes  through unpleasant times, emotions lose their expressions. We come across a set of circumstances wherein the result is predictable. There are days, whether or not we involve in a problem, in any way, it’s gonna be worse. The absurd sitches are the overwhelming for the person. Whenever the unbearable arguments happen or the constant vicious negative life goes on, I choose to be a delusionist. Aye!!! I chose it in a positive way. There is no point in getting agitated when same things gonna repeat often. When there are unresolvable issues , sometimes I direct them as simply hallucinations to avoid it. It is just one of the ways to avoid negativity. So that, mind is balanced with positive thoughts. It is okay! It is ok if you cannot handle something. Yes, we have to take all the responsibilities. But, not everything is under our control.

This process is a trick to keep your mind calm and restrain it from being affected by negative people.

The best any human can do is to pick a delusion that helps him get through a day. – Scott Adams.



Life is so much better when you decide not to care. Just live for the moment and don’t let the drama bring you down.

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  1. 100% agree with you on that quote at the end. Live for the moment and don’t let drama bring you down. Spot on that. Excellent stuff 👍

  2. Life is so much better when you don’t care. I love that and if you think about it, letting go of all the control and staying positive does actually work. Plus I hate drama.

  3. Great quotes in here. The older I get, the less drama I deal with. It’s just not worth it.

  4. I agree with the quote at the end. I just don’t care anymore and it makes things easier.

  5. An interesting way to try to regain control over what can be such a negative trait. Is the possibility of using this method rooted in psychological research though? I’m not sure it’s possible for people who are suffering with mental health problems to just employ this tactic, might be good for early on in life though.

    1. Mental Health does not only consider mental disorders ,but also it includes people who are destressed. Sometimes person can’t be strong all the time and it can be hard to keep going on. This in turn, imbalances mental health. So, this method is suitable more for the people who are way too stressed mentally due to many problems in life.

  6. The quote at the end is bang on. But we should not stop caring altogether. We need to care for only and only those things that do matter, that we are responsible for.

  7. Thank you, it was inspiring. You made me look into the another prospective of delusion and how to use it as a positive force.

  8. I like the last quote. Not that I completely stop caring but you do have to pick the things that you have control over to care about. You can’t worry about things that you can’t do anything about — just focus on what you can change!

  9. yes to living in the moment. life is way too short to not!

  10. Michael David Oyco says:

    Can I rephrase your last quote? Life is easier when you not care but it tends to be selfish really. I just learned that you cannot do that for a long time. you just need a time off really..

    1. The quote means to say we don’t have to care about everything all the time. We can’t control everything in this world all alone. We don’t have to care about what critics people pass on us. Accept only the ones which are right. 🙂

  11. This is so interesting to read living in a positive life is a great way to make happy life and you should love yourself before anything else. 🙂

  12. Like your perspective on delusion. If only we could have complete control over our emotions.

  13. I love what you did with the word “delusion” here. I never thought about it in this context!

  14. I like your perspective on this and I totally agree – it’s so much better to see life positively even if it’s a “delusion”. A positive mindset brings positivity to your life. It’s impossible to be positive all the time, but practicing positivity and gratitude certainly help those more difficult times easier!

  15. Alexandra Cook says:

    This is a great post to ponder. I love that quote. It shows how we are being formed in our daily living.

  16. It is really hard to trick your mind into that kind of thinking. Just to not care about things. Although I do think reframing the things in life towards positive thoughts makes one happier in the end. Intriguing post.

  17. Tescha Chetty says:

    Life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Live your life in happiness. That is what I would say 🙂

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