Being a Listener

I had been volunteering as a listener for many years on different platforms. Lately, I am not that regular. I never worked for reviews, it was just about helping out people in need.
I came across one of this feedback list about me today and for the first time felt like sharing it here:

It is very important to be a listener and it is very very difficult to find a listener for many of us. Not everyone is blessed with good family members , good partner or good friends. Sometimes we have everyone in life but we don’t have someone to listen to us. There is a lack of communication. Sometimes people are so much busy in their life that they can’t give time to others. Sometimes there are just bad listeners. They can give time but they don’t want to listen. Otherwise, there are some who can listen but they forget or sometimes don’t understand anything at all. Listening is part of communication skills. Being surrounded with bad listeners, I could clearly tell how it feels to not have anyone to listen to you. It is as good as being lonely. Yes, I won’t deny that I felt lonely most of the times. On the other hand, I do have some friends who may show up whenever they can, it can be in years or months (because all are adults and adult life is busy beezy) and be there for me. It is not necessary to tell each and every detail of our life to someone, but even telling little thing about anything to someone or rather having someone to hear it out feels lighter to the mind. It defnitely reduces the heaviness in your heart.

The bitter truth I hear from most mentally ill patients is that their therapist does not listent to them. They don’t understand them. I am sure not all psychiatrist are same. But, hope there are good psychiatrist and good listeners who will be there to the one in need.

Try this out:
Listen to someone you love,
Listen to someone who like you,
Listen to someone who needs a listener.
Even deaf can hear the words,
because it is all about understanding each other.
It is all about be there for someone for a while.
You won’t know how special that small moment
can mean to someone who had been waiting
for someone to listen to their voice.

-thepsychologicalworld (ShubhiPatil)

Have a good day/night 🙂

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