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It has already been established, how important SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is for almost all the businesses in this digital world. SEO cannot be one-time activity, and SEO strategy and content need to be evolved based on the market scenario along with an evolution of various search engines and technologies, to stay ahead of the competition. It is essential for companies and individuals to consider all other search enginesĀ  for their SEO efforts other than just Google, even though the percentage of usage of the rest is comparatively low. If you are thorough with the trends and updates in the SEO world, you have the edge to have higher rankings and outpace your opponents.

The below trends unfolds an insight into the upcoming months for SEO, therefore, get your hands on planning the scalable strategy for 2021:

  • Focus on User Intent:

Today, consumers understand very well what their requirement is and  know the actual phrases for their queries online. SEO uses Schema Markup or Structure Data Markup to understand website content. This Markup displays the required information for users in a user-friendly understanding form.  Thereupon, one needs to optimize their content focused towards user intent than just on keywords alone. The more effortless UX( User Experience) is, the more visitors’ traffic will be reported.

  • SERP

    There is no scope for plagiarism. SERP ( Search Engine Result Page) continues to value the original content along with the modification. As every stream  depends on the payment mode today, content boosted with paid search gets the better ranking position.

  • Increase in Mobile Searches:

      No wonder, mobile search has increased exponentially over the last few years compared to desktop searches. On this account, AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the vital element in the process of optimizing the website for mobile browsers, thereby, helping the content to statistically rise the SEO rank. AMP Protocol is basically a stripped-down HTML page aimed at loading mobile web pages faster. Being able to garner strong support from companies like Google and Twitter, AMP is slowly climbing the charts, especially since it’s an open-source.

  • Voice Search:

In recent years, we have seen a gradual technological growth in voice-based search support systems. Be it Siri from Apple, Cortana from Microsoft, Google Home, and the trendy Alexa, consumers have been using these voice services majorly for search purposes. These leading companies have also been working on improving voice-based services simultaneously. This year calls for the competition of targeting the development of SEO content based on Voice Search will be the foremost priority for everyone.

  • Video Search:

With the emergence of mass social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other up and down popular Apps, an online community has stood up and taken notice of how content is the king and how powerful, videos can be in favor of user engagement. Search results now show videos on top, because they know videos are easily marketable with ads and garner more user engagement compared to static ads. Whilst natural interaction is the best trick to attract users, using the right keywords for the video title, description, and tags should be still necessarily considered.

  • Machine learning:

Google uses the Artificial Intelligence RankBrain algorithm as part of its Machine Learning system to deliver search results. Likewise, learning from user inputs, trends, source, etc., and providing tailored results is already the requisite  in SEO.

  • HTTP to HTTPS:

HTTP is less secured and may allow unwanted ads and threats to your websites. The added security and encryption that HTTPS provides allows search engines to give priority to secured sites. For this reason, businesses are now focusing more on shifting to Https, which in fact helps in increasing their ranking. 

  • App indexing:

In recent years we have a lot of changes in the SEO for Apps. The days are no more only App   Store Optimization wherein the index search was possible only in the App Store. As the world depends more on applications for all kinds of activities,  we now have App streaming which allows users to go through the App and its details before downloading it on their devices.

  • Long-tail Keywords:
    Long-Tail Keywords have the ability to match up with user’s 3-4 phrases which will be the focus of this year for content ranking. As much as we rely on short and trendy words for choosing a title, long- tail keywords will always carry a good weightage since, users use simple words to find their expected results.

  • EAT

A ranking factor decided is based on the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of the website.  In simple words, we can have plenty of websites providing the same type of information but, the ones written by the actual experts will get more attention in the ranking chart.

  • BERT
    Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers technique processes natural language spontaneously. This encourages website content developers to use the language in simple words with the thought in mind to fulfill the demand of common users aptly. 

  • Core Web Vitals
    Core Web Vitals concerns with the elements calculated with utilized time duration. The elements such as Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift should be the focus while developing the website in order to wrestle with the SEO goals. 

  • Featured Snippets
    Featured Snippets still remain a part of SEO methods. When most websites contribute same information, the way to stay in the top is a trick of having a featured snippet wherein, the user gets the chance to view the main content along with the query then and there before clicking on other links. 

In all these trends, it is imperative to keep the basic functions of the On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO and Technical SEO  running thoroughly. Original quality and consistent updating of the content is indeed a backbone of any successful SEO Strategy of the companies or websites. Let’s continue to work parallelly along with the changing algorithms and combination of old and new methods of SEO. 

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