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As we grow up, most of us feel more hesitant to ask for help. Because we are adults especially the middle age adults who has certain responsibilities. We think everyone is busy in their life and no one gonna help us out. Yes, there are people who may not help you at all. We also hear the stories when people are left alone and they don’t have anyone to help them out in the vale of tears.

Yes, people will not be there for you all the time but there are times when maybe atleast one person will show you the kindness still exists in this world. It can be someone you know very well or it can be a stranger. The first people to help us always are our own family. But, when don’t have family or we are living with an unsupportive family members, we have another world of friends. Friends are the true blessings. What if we don’t even have friends around, then there are helplines and people willing to give us donations or any kind of help that will sort our life to some extent.

We should live an independent life and we should not trouble others always for our needs but when the time comes wherein we feel we cannot fight alone or maybe we can fight alone but we need a pillar just to tell us, “It’s all going to be fine. Everything will be fine. Just relax for a while. ” Trust me sometimes you may not have solutions to your problems. There are problems which cannot have any solution. But having someone to atleast listen to your mind is the best rest to your soul.

I had always been an independent person during my adult age. I faced terrible life moments but did not share it with outsiders. I did not share it even with my close friends. Sometimes here and there I could share 5 to 10% of life with each one of them. Their reactions of how terrible it is made me feel ,”Ok, I cannot go further and tell them the stories of my life. I cannot tell them my crooked path journey.” Somewhere being hesitated to share my stories as it was too much for anyone to hear upon, I could only fight it all alone. Going through the toughest time made me to be caring towards every person’s even little issues. So, I started being there for everyone’s little problems. I motivated people. I supported others. Alas! I failed to be strong on one fine day.

It was not the present circumstance that made me weaker. It’s the consistent pathetic life that indirectly affected my health. A bucket full of daily stress destroyed me into jigsaw pieces that don’t seem to fix up ever. Over a period of time, stress won over my willpower. Even the willpower do not lasts long but a bottle of therapy fuel to refill the willpower can be the only best solution to keep moving on.

For the first time I spoke up on social media about one of the incidences of my life. I did not speak in detail but I spoke giving the clarity enough for the people to know it. I did not make it visible to everyone. I chose people to see it. The ones I wanted them to hear it out. This surprised me with the responses. 9 out of 10 people reached out to me. I am the girl who does not want to get sympathy and attention. I am the one who hides my pain but not this time. It took a lot of courage to ask for help. I did not ask for any money but I asked ,’’what would you do if you were in my situation? “
I wrote short note on whatever was there in my mind .
I got the amazing replies to help me out. Even during the lockdown, even during the covid pandemic people have not lost the humanity even a inch.
I am unstable with whatever I am going through. There were and are permanent damages to my life.
But, I cannot think of giving up on my life even if I want to. Because everytime I feel like giving up on my life, these people who reached out to me will show up in my mind telling me their kindness doors are always open for me.

The reason I wrote this post today is to tell you all, if you are going through something then please don’t fight it all for a longer time. Go talk to someone if you need any help. Even if you just want a listener , approach some close ones and speak with them. If you feel you can’t find anyone to understand you or no one is there for you then seek out for helplines.
For years, I had been a listener to many people. We may not know each other. Maybe we are just bloggers or you are the visitor to my site/ this post, please feel free to reach out to me for any help.
“In this cruel world, let’s not forget the Kind hearts. “

#StaySafe #SpreadLove #Smile

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