(I just came across my casual post on FB Memories today. Quite a sarcasm post. Seems like nothing from this list have changed yet.)

** Fk Tsunami, Fk Earthquake, Fk all floods bcoz our Aastiks are doing great jobs by sending msgs to 10 more people and we have certainly saved plenty of lives, others died bcoz they never fwd msgs. Ouch!! bad luck caught them.

** Media is showing lots of emotional news of women rapes or any other judgmental news but media did not happen to give justice to anyone of them. If media is not responsible for justice then why does the debate happens every night !!!

** Protest happen for one victim .Remaining Thousands are in and outside shelter with no protection , no one knows their story. That’s not our life .We don’t care!!!

** Movies are made on true stories by hiding little here and there truth and adding more fictions .They won Crores +Awards+Fame…

Whose story it was??

** People complaining about climate change everywhere and we all are working on it by cutting trees and damaging lakes , dams .

Yes!! We have built Concrete Jungle. Pretty soon climate will be normal again šŸ™‚..

** Techie came back from city and started agriculture in a village. He is one of the outstanding hardworking popular guy now. Everyone salutes to him. At last ,after decades, news did show death of farmers but still lacking to show how some farmers have earned in lakhs and changed their villages.

Farmer is always a farmer !!!

** This place is amazing. I will built a villa here..Later rest of the world followed the same and that’s how We destroyed beautiful places.

** This party, that party , new little union party, Common people :everyone fought for democracy & justice….anger and strike , same old drama, same hoarding ‘Gandhiji: No violence”… Shush !!!

Lathi charge water cannon started. Many were abused, many were killed .

Protesting became new fantasy.

Justice will be given tonight : “We will watch a debate at 9pm”.

** Enough of hearing repetitive word: Racism , Religism, Casteism, Languagism.

We need anotherism!!

** Youngsters needed guidance of how to live..

They supported art of business..

There is no generation gap now !!!

** Social network won over reality **

–Changed dp to support cancer patients, but never visited a NGO.

–Kept big status dedicated to cancer patients for 5mins , cancer patients don’t want to waste whole day time by tracking online how many strangers supported them through status. People failed to understand the presence of Love and medication support is much needed.

–I don’t have exact list of how many army and who were the ones died at border to built the peace but I do have a list of profile pictures that supported India-Pakistan profile for peace .They look beautiful and people believe surely world is changing..

–No drinks ? No travel? Ok .in short ,”You have No oxygen, Die!!! “

— I changed my dp, 200likes out of 1000 buddy list.

fk the 0.2 ratio !! I am the beauty queen/hero , everyone loves me šŸ™‚

— -My pet is my best employee .My pet made me rich. I capture its photos ,upload it ..flood of comments awwww hawwwwww my cutie pie my baby.. tats it.. I sale the products in the name of my pet ..We are the richie bitch!!!

–Nominated to do this ,Nominated to do that…I am going to nominate 5-10 more stupid people to do the same bcoz we all believe : we are the stupidos winning awards..

–Other country does it, I will also do it .Challenge accepted !!

Who cares about the reason ??

I hv uploaded *the accepted challenge*.

Humanity restored and I am nominating you now ..Just do it!!!

>>She is a mad girl. She is a criticizer. Idiot could not appreciate fakism over reality…

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