Animals help, but humans don’t !

Animals help, but humans don’t !

Not all humans are bad. Humanity still exists. Helping is our nature.
But, is it our first instinct?

With the help of social media, we see a numerous post regarding the message saying,
”Help others.”

Why do we need such posts? Can’t we learn by ourselves like the way we have our senses?

We spread good helping videos and stories, so that people change into a good person.

Yes, we have put up the tag of good and bad person based on the behavior of a person.

Some people use the word animal for the person who attacks others.

Why only attacking is related to animals?

Animals are far better than us, humans.

Whenever any animal in the group falls somewhere, the whole group joins to help him/her.

Whenever any animal is being attacked by another one, the rest of the group tries to protect him/her.

The same does not happen in humans’ world.

Very few of us have the senses of helping others instantly.

To fight for others for the right thing, to protect others from violence is often a bravery thing.

Public can watch bad things happening to any person . It’s like an entertainment for many.

People take time to decide whether to help or not. They take time to see who helps first.
They wonder if they help, will they be caught in the situation.

There is an avoidance, hesitation, fear, ignorance, and carelessness to the situation.

The victim suffers a lot because of such late responses or no responses.

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