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There are two minds Conscious and Subconscious mind. We can manage the conscious mind well but the subconscious mind is the great gamer. No wonder, we can manage the subconscious mind too. Subconscious mind works secretly. It stores the data which are wanted and unwanted in our life. We cannot have control over what data it stores, but if ever we are losing ourselves then we can try to reprogram our subconscious mind, ,thereby, understand the way our mind works.

To develop any new habit one needs to repeat the same habit for 21 days. This research has not come true for everyone. Leaving the research aside, if you are willing to develop a new habit then it can take 4 days to months or years to make your brain be an expert in it. It all depends on your interest and how much you are striving for the goal you want to achieve.

If we repeat the same tasks daily, then our body gets used to it because our mind has already stored the program of doing this work. A beginner typist will look for each keys/alphabets/symbols on the keyboard and type a word. At the beginning ,typing will be an unrushed speed . In few days or months, we can type without seeing the keys. This technique remains forever built in our brain. Even if we get new system or we don’t use keyboard for many days, we will be still able to type without looking at the keys on the keyboard.

Let’s look at another example : Driving.
Most of us will be scared to drive a two -wheeler or four -wheeler for the first time. During our learning period, we will have the fear of crashing somewhere. There is too much to store in the brain. The controlling gear, clutch, break, accelrator, and steer needs to be learned thoroughly. When we do it all well, we are yet to adapt to the traffic system. The directions and the traffic signals or the jerky paths and slopes, there is so much to get used to before we say: we are perfect at driving. Once we learn the driving for few days, we still require months or year to be perfect at it. If we do this task once in a while during learning process, we cannot reach the perfect level. But, if we do it without fail , we will have it stored in our brain forever. Once you reach the perfect driving skill, you can drive the car anywhere anytime. With that, even if you take the break later, then you would be still able to drive it.

Who can be the best drivers?
If one learns driving at the younger age , then they won’t have any issues at older age ( say around 60-70s). They will be still driving it perfectly.
If one learns the driving in the middle age, then there are going to be issues until they practice it daily. The issues will be anxiety and fear which won’t let them to be perfect in a shorter duration compared to younger age. On a general basis, by the time we reach middle -age, we have lots of experiences and complications in our life which makes us think twice before doing anything. A mind with a fear and not a rebel step. Whereas younger age people want to be rebels. They don’t think, they act first. The brain is much open for learning new activities with full of thrill.
This is why , we can notice middle age people will not have much confidence at driving, but older age can do it easily because they had learned it at younger age. Definitely, there can be exceptions.

Driving is one of the best example of programming subconscious mind.
A skilled driver will not think always about gears or breaks at every moment. It happens eventually. If you are driving from home to office everyday then mind gets used to it. Because of this, many people drive sometimes with high speed and in a zig -zag way but they reach without any problems. Ofcourse, high speed or taking unnecessary cuts is a bad choice in driving but their mind has learnt the way to protect themselves within seconds. Similarly, old age people have the probability of suffering from certain health issues. They may have bone or nerve disorders ,but yet they can drive perfectly. Because it’s their mind that can make the body work even with the health problems.


When we know one of the vital work of the subconscious mind is to store the data which are repeated regularly , then we should know what data needs to be fed in the mind. If we complaint about something or someone very often, then our mind is storing the same information in the subconscious mind. This teaches the mind to produce more negative thoughts. It can even give signals to develop anxiety or live a worried life. One thing leads to another. When our mind is weak, our health will be at risk. Subconscious mind process the excess of complaint based information and creates more space for negative thoughts in our mind. This makes us pessimistic. We cannot think much positive things. We will fail to recognize good things slowly. An unhealthy mind leads to an unhappiness life.

To experiment with the subconscious mind, the easiest thing we can do is do exercises everyday at a particular time. If we do it for months regularly in the early morning, our body will get used to it. There can be days where we want to sleep more, but our mind will awake itself for carrying out the exercises.

Another method to make good use of subconscious mind is to stop complaining. Complain, but complain less ! Show gratitude to others. Be grateful for whatever you have. Work on what you don’t have by adding skill efforts and not complaints. Look out for the solutions. Talk only solutions for each problem. Teach your mind to solve problems. Don’t teach to find problems. As we do the exercise for a health purpose, we can do the exercise of creating a beautiful mind for a month. A beautiful mind is the one with less complaints and more positiveness. Repeat the task of seeing good things and learning good things. Your subconscious mind will pick up the best one. This will lower the stress and keep you always fresh.

Have you noticed sometimes you or someone you know always seem to have nightmares? Sometimes when someone goes through an unwanted moment of life , the same thing keeps repeating in the dream. The reason is same. Subconscious mind absorbs your emotions. If you are affected highly because of any event or some person’s misbehavior then the deep hurts will be stored in a subconscious mind. Therefore, when you go to sleep instead of feeling relaxed, you will be disturbed with an unwanted dreams.

Subconscious ruling health?
We call it willpower, but have you ever heard people recover much faster because of their positive mind. They keep telling their mind, their health issue will recover and this helps them to have a speedy recovery. If you keep telling your mind, “I am sick. I am weak” then your mind will give you worries about your health always. If you keep telling your mind,”I am sick. But, I am strong. ” You will help mind to have faith in recovery.
It is only about how two people react to the same problem. A person who had a leg injury will have given up on life and stay on bed for the rest of life. Another person with the same type of leg injury will find ways to stand back and continue the life. While one will complain about how impossible things are , the other one will find methods of managing things again to be indepedent or less dependent.
Please understand that this does not come true for everyone and the level of serious health issues are exceptions here.
You don’t have to be strong all the time, but instead of living a complicated life, you can try to make it a bit simpler.

No one becomes a dancer, an artist, or a musician in one night. It takes them to practice repeatedly and months or years of efforts to reach their magnificent destination.

We will have hurdles in our life and we require to balance ourselves during every circumstance. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but it can be balanced if we continue practicing of feeding only good thoughts to the mind. ,

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  1. This is a very interesting post! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I just talked about building a new habit with a friend yesterday. This is a good explanation for that! 🙂

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