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I believe:
“Things are destined to happen.
People are destined to meet.
Meanwhile, fate cannot stop playing its role.”

I write articles based on common people lives. I use simple words because I don’t want my readers to open the dictionary every now and then. The Blogs represented here falls under the categories of own experiences or the experiences of other’s life, fictional stories, poetry, thoughts, art  and business ideas along with the plan. I have also covered up the guidelines for becoming a Blogger and monetization(ways of earning) through it.

Once in a while, I am a Trainer and developer. Guitar and Photography are my hobbies. I create Sketching/Drawing as a mental therapy and expressing thoughts/reality. I am a passionate writer to express my thoughts through my observance.

Languages known :
English, German, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada.

-I have worked as a content writer for others.
-Computer Trainer
-Online Language Tutor
-Script Writer

I appreciate job offers related to writing in any of these niches:
Travel, Technology, Programming, Psychology, Lifestyle, Mental/Physical wellness, Business.

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