5 years

When I left the city,
everyone called me back,
they said, that they miss me.
I missed them too.
I missed the city more.
I made all the plans to come back.
I tried multiple times to return.
I wasn’t happy in another city.
But, none knew it.
None knows it.
Years passed by.
I hassled around with the problematic challenges but, never stopped trying to go back.
Alas! the destination has arrived.
I came back to the beloved city.
The belief of reconnecting with everything was strong.
The excitement of life will be easier now didn’t seem to last long.
Was it too late to reconnect ?
Is 5 years too long to change everything and everyone?
One year passed back to city, no one even bothered to talk on calls.
No one even reacted on social media posts.
Previous 5 years life wasn’t beautiful.
Those 5 years I survived so many times.
I felt it’s a reward to come back again after surviving the hell of many years in another city.
I learnt a lesson, friendship doesn’t last longer.
Losing friends is only a part of loneliness.
Beginning again with the homely feeling for the city remains stagnant.
Moving on all alone with the strangers around.

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