2 Hours

For decades, life is not ready to put me off the roller coaster ride. To add on, past 1.5 years had been so hectic filled with only unplesant consistent moments and stressful tasks that I could not even find time to sleep calmly for a while. Most of the nights, I had to survive without sleep and some nights slept few hours with sleeping pills.

One of the days of August 2020 first week evening, I realised I am resting like any normal person on the couch after 1.5 years. For two hours, I was just scrolling on mobile and playing any songs on TV. I was not enjoying but I did not wanted to get up. I had to hurry for the next task and I did. Before those two hours, yes I already had a stressed day.
But, those two hours were mine.

Finally, a time to rest without much feelings but with the doubts: is this the calmness before the storm.

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