15 Inspirational Life Lessons

Inspirational Life Lessons
1] Everyone lives in their time zone. Hard work is necessary. But, even though some people deserve the title, they are unfortunate to achieve.  Do not make fun of other’s life status by comparing it to your achievements.
2]Whenever possible, say: “Thank you.” to the people who have helped you. Saying it even for the smallest work can bring a smile on other’s faces.
3] Don’t expect people to forgive you for the mistakes that are not forgivable. Because the word,” Sorry” does not fix everything.
4] Hurt no one’s self-respect. If it is a stranger, that person will eventually lose respect for you. If it’s someone closer to you, that person will lose love or affection for you.

5] Never spread rumors about anyone’s character. The effects of rumors can break down a person’s life. Don’t be evil to take such a step. Imagine yourself being in a position wherein you live a disrespected character and hold a tag of filthy or fake stories throughout your life.

6]Never blame and accuse anyone. Avoid blaming & accusing around the family, friends or public. Do not blame or accuse without having proof.

7] Sometimes strangers are more helpful than close ones. But, be careful to draw boundaries with strangers. Whenever possible, turn back the favor to the helping stranger.
8] Every person has both good and bad qualities. The percentage of good and bad may vary.

9] Respect everyone. Respect street people too. No one wishes to live poor. Circumstances leave them in that status.
10] We can find bad people anywhere in any form.  In the same way, we can find good people anywhere in any form. So, always have a positive view of the world. We cannot control everything alone. But, we can try to change ourselves and anyone around us to be a good person.

11] Any form of art is not a joke or just a hobby. Every art has a deep meaning, and it takes you to a meaningful time.
12] Whenever anyone is in trouble, don’t expect them to give you the attention. You can help people. If you cannot help them, then don’t complicate their situation.
13]Learning never goes waste. It always gives you an extra knowledge which you can use it for yourself or pass it on to someone else.
14] Treat others the way you want everyone to treat you.
15]Instead of complaining about how bad a society is, try to change  society by yourself. Whether or not you succeed, there is a satisfaction that at least you tried.
All the world’s is a stage .
All men and women are merely players.
-William Shakespeare.

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  1. Well, some of the quotes hit me and I am a victim of falling off some of the values. I start by number 15. I should stop complaining about the errors of the society but do what I can to change it.

  2. These are all great life lessons. I agree that a sorry does not fix everything but it is still acknowledging a bad conduct that we’d be willing to work on (if sincere of course)

  3. #2 is very important and often forgotten. A simple thank you goes a long way

  4. I love these! These are lessons to live by really 🙂 The thank you is something I practice daily

  5. Yes, these are some wonderful life lessons. I live by a lot of these and I wish others did as well.

  6. These are some wonderful lessons to try and remember. I think sometimes we forget the simple things like saying thank you.

  7. Truth! These life lessons are spot on. I especially like “treat others the way you want to be treated”.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. mamabee1981 says:

    This is really great. I know that it’s always wonderful to turn life lessons into something positive. I live without regret, only lessons to learn.

  9. Michael David Oyco says:

    Yes.. saying thank you is important. simple but means a lot really for others

  10. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    This article reminds me of what my mom always tell me.

    A man should know that “thank you, I’m sorry, and I love you” makes one a better man.

    1. Thank you for these wonderful lessons. Just what I needed after a stressful week.

  11. wanderwithola says:

    What a list of wonderful life lessons. Yes, we should treat others the way we want everyone to treat us, and I agree that learning never goes to waste. ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  12. These are some wonderful life lessons. Important ones to follow. I think everyone sometimes forgets some of these sometimes. Very important to remember and live by them.

  13. I am struggling with bullying right now at work and several of these things are going on. I’m trying to hold my head high but it’s SO HARD.

  14. lauragetsrichinhealth says:

    I love all 15 of these. Everyone should be reminded to follow these things and the world will be a better (and nicer) place. Thanks for compiling & sharing!

  15. Some really great life lessons here. I do believe with you that the word sorry does not fix everything. But I don’t think it’s about the forgivable nature of the offense. I think it’s more about the attitude of the person who says sorry. If they would do the same thing all over again and are just sorry about the result, then they are not really sorry and hence forgiveness doesn’t make sense. If, on the other hand, what they did makes them change their ways proving their being sorry, even in the difficult offenses it is easier to give forgiveness.

  16. Surekha Busa says:

    These quotes are so true.. Respect every body, even the poorest person have self respect, so are you, belittle them and so you will lose their respect.

  17. All of these are very true and I think something we all learn to realise as we get older, but it never hurts to keep reminding ourselves

  18. Very well said all this is true. Social media make big part of people’s life nowadays. We always compare ourselves to others. In the end we became uncontented and unhappy with our own lives.

  19. Sorry definitely does not fix everything. And I definitely agree that not all mistakes are forgivable. At least not the way they think. Great read.

  20. Alexandra Cook says:

    Life has a lot to teach us. It is important we listen when it speaks to us!

  21. Life teaches a lot of lessons I agree all of these thoughts here! This message is so powerful!

  22. Sometimes strangers are more helpful than close ones.
    This is so true. I got to meet strangers that I never thought would help me along the way

  23. Totally agree with number 3. Sorry means nothing, actions speak louder than words. So if someone keeps apologizing without changing, that’s manipulative

  24. These are such great thoughts. A great reminder and a very happy reading. If all of us could be like this.

  25. I am loving these inspirational quotes so much. We need to remember to spread a little kindness every day.

  26. Devyani Ray says:

    The most important life lesson for me is to be kind. I follow that and teach my kid the same.

  27. I agree that you do not spread rumors about someones character because what that does it show the flaw in your own character. And I feel that you shouldn’t accuse or blame without proof and i feel you shouldn’t do it even if you do have proof only use the proof as a defense not to blame. Great post

  28. Those are such great tips. I think not saying anything negative about another’s character is super important. I’d love to be known as the woman who never says an unkind word about anyone else. I have a long way to go!

  29. Wow, some many good tips for living a bountiful life! I love Number 15 because it happens here a lot: non-Japanese will complain how bad Japanese society and says they can’t do anything. But, you can. You may be the minority here and they have their own rules means you can’t challenge it and make it better.

  30. Some sage advice. I get the impressioin that some of these you yourself have experienced, on both sides of the coin.

    1. haha Yes through the experience or rather through the observance and my principles 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  31. I did lots of complains when I moved to a new country. I think I should stop complaining about the errors of the society but try to adapt the situation.

  32. So many of these are so true, especially the point that saying sorry is sometimes not enough, it doesn’t cover everything.

  33. “Treat others the way you want everyone to treat you.” The world will be a better place if everyone does this!

  34. Blairvillanueva says:

    A simple thank you means a lot.if one gives you a good deed always be thankful.

  35. Elizabeth O says:

    I just used this phrase “”Sorry” does not fix everything.”. This true when you have a kid and every time they make a mistake (same mistake over and over again).

  36. Audrey Lee says:

    Great post! I usually search for inspirational quotes when I’m in a low point in life. This really helps because I’m dealing with some personal issues. I agree with some though others not so much.

  37. Hearing a thank you literally lightens up my day. So, I know how it feels. I try to say thank you every time someone helps me even in the smallest way possible

  38. Eileen M Loya says:

    Number 7 is so true. I found that out the hard way. We were in caught in a financial crisis last September and I could not believe the generosity of the people who I considered “acquaintances.” Sometimes, when it comes to money matters, close friends and/or some family members tend to turn a deaf ear.

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